Why are the birds falling dead out of the sky? Possibly spaceweather UV PEAKS

This started a week ago and I cannot stop researching. Everything revolves around our sun. Possibly even the dead birds falling out of the sky! Here is some of the data observed in fluctuating UV and solar radiation readings at nearby weather station in days leading up to and after the birds either found dead or saw witnessed falling out of the sky.

This weekend reports in Missouri, Whales,Virginia and Mexico (not enough weather stations down there though) and simply using the resources at wonderground.com now viewing the UV readings the patterns to how they have been responding to recent space weather events, including over the limb and farside CMEs.

It is a lot of complicated math but my instincts have formulated a way to find these small localized areas of the world where the “perfect storm” of overlapping space weather events caused such horrible phenomena. Still waiting to talk to some people who understand the movements and placement of Earth at the time but it seems as though nobody even thinks that UV on ground level can be influenced by things like solar flares and CME. It may be the coronal black holes and interplanetary shockwaves have a lot to do with it, but that is the technical science that still needs to be figured out. All I can say for sure is that UV levels #UVPEAKS are indicators of good weather stations that seem to record how the sunbursts hit the Earth at ground level. Possibly because of the way the winds form oiraling vortices that become so small and dense with oine that it may even temporarily diminish atmosphere or the protection it is supposed to provide. Maybe it’s Swiss cheese but it appears to be possibly a more of a waffle fry shape. It is clear to see too the pattern in dew points vs. temperature that sun had a huge and sudden impact on these areas and the wave patterns of the UV readings that overlap look very similar to those of interacting spaceweather events.

Having a bit of a problem loading so many pictures so bare with me.

St. Louis Missouri #DEADBIRDS

This #uvpeak indicates a very strong receiving portion of a solar emissions and more than likely was also present in following days at the same time but not strong enough UV to register at night which leads me to question if other more harmful space weather is sleeping through our atmosphere killing the birds or if it just a drop in atmosphere that occurs momentarily.

Each day the Earth rotates it is in a slightly different path of the stream of particles flowing from the sun as a result of any given space weather event. Clearly seeing that this area was influenced at ground level by all the events and in rather extremely significant fluctuations and increases it should be discussed if sudden dramatic changes in atmosphere or severe UV or deadlier Rays could’ve contributed to the dead birds.


And as if two incidences wasn’t enough, there were also birds in Wales that dropped dead out of the sky suddenly in line with this active spaceweather month!

See the swish! It’s easier to locate weather stations sensitive to spaceweather sun emissions “Sun spit” as I like to call it quickly when active world swirl winds are happening as they usually can indicate places mostly influenced by #spaceweather
#deadbirdsuk #solarcycle25

Since there isn’t a northerly wind catching weather station I wasn’t too surprised when I didn’t find any #uvpeaks but the patterns are there and as you can see across the board on the days of the birds falling the UV readings are curious. Don’t forget when events overlap the UV readings can actually remain quite low for a period of time until another CME or space weather event stirs things up.

All still very speculative but as I gain more knowledge and access to data this should be fairy easy to prove the relation.

Still not quite sure what exactly happens in these small areas that get hit harder than most places but I am going to “go out on a limb” and venture it isn’t good.

Hoping to understand the interactions of energy better soon as pertaining to our magnetosphere and atmosphere.

Also want to piece together the UV readings in a long “wave” pattern continuing and connecting to see how the patterns visually look compared to one another by time and date. The date and time conversions are tricky.

Also still have to figure out how to read the ozone map and the data from the satelites better and where else I can get more data from! Really wish I had help.

Sometimes it gets very overwhelming because while I clearly see the pattern and what is going on it is very hard to show and explain especially when WordPress sometimes messes up the uploads of my pictures.

Thanks for reading! Please comment all ideas and constructive criticism and pointers please!!!??? Much appreciated too if you have resources and ideas to share!

The hole in the clouds near the weather station KNYDELAN43 2/19/2022

KNYDELAN43 is the first station I noticed to have a #UVPEAK and the weather is bizarre. The sun seemed to vaporize clouds and then the wind would push things around and the weather would snow squall as if you were in a snow globe. Yesterday it was 60 degrees upon waking and then dropped rapidly with fierce northern winds picking up and temp going down to 10F!

The snowstorm seemed to go all around the area until sunset and then the wind let down and eerie crisp cold silence rolled in. Sooo cold. Bone chilling cold and high energy. radio II happened yesterday which was believed to be triggered by a CME on the far side.

At 1230 ish and 330 ish the bizarre weather and wind seemed to happen like clockwork since Monday’s CME and Tuesday’s CME happened around 3, so those effects were definately lingering from the previous day and helped give insight on how to extrapolate events at other locations.

Harsh rays from the sun seem to evaporate clouds in patterns as well.

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