Dead Birds drop out of sky Indonesia 2021 and UV fluctuations space weather relates

There is so much research to be done but the pattern of UV waves as interpreted by ground level meters, seems to be a great indication of where the Sun beams hardest and at momentary times may harm birds in it’s path. The popular belief is the UV doesn’t hit the ground more intensely after, during or before solar eruptions but that simply hasn’t been the case all of 2022. My previous posts illustrate numerous summer level UV readings in wintertime and UV fluctuations that happen in ting with recent solar bursts, whether they be far side explosions or coronal holes and CME, for whatever reasons there is a clear path happening right now on Earth where the sun’s rays are being measured fluctuating throughout the day to see echos of the major eruptions and space weather events.

So I looked back in time to other places where dead birds dropped from the sky and noticed yet again a similarity in UV readings in nearby stations. This time in Indonesia

(I also start to see a letter with riclvers and coastlines that seem to line up with this month’s “sun beam path” that seems intensified and getting through to ground level but still not sure how or why.

Island where dead birds dropped

Weather stations that collected UV and solar radiation data at the time and dates of incident. I included some other dates to see when and where of any UV peaks or “direct hits” occured. I only found elevated levels but they had valleys as well and with three CME events prior, there is some deductive reasoning to be applied to imagine which event may have caused the birds to drop out of the sky.

Once again take not of the wind gusts, also north winds like the others, dramatic temperature and dew point separations and the peaks repeating over the course of days as energy beams are not just one and done. It’s continuous beam so it makes sense on or around the same time each day the same area would measure the intensity of the beam over a course of the day but also could be the wave departing the location as light can “hop” or “skip” depending on the angle and velocity in which it hits parts of the Earth. Plus there is so much to calculate and figure out what makes stations and places on Earth prone to getting the more intense parts or initial blasts of CME and other events.


Here is another nearby weather station that had data from the time of event… Since neither station is on top of the dead bird location it has to be analyzed whether the timing of a direct hit or reverberated hit or collision of multiple events could have made a sort of “shock wave” that killed the birds. Or if there was simply a lack of protection from the atmosphere And above at the precise location and time.



This area is definately a hot spot for getting the brunt of Earth’s ejections. Even the land formations look like they could have been formed from circular laser. Over time being hit again and again or maybe just a big event followed by other events… There are so many questions to find answers to.



Not very many stations nearby. Here was one with DUE SOUTH winds.

Tomorrow in the USA should be wild as this comes around with the sun.


Images currently

And since I happen to be in another area of the world that I believe by my deductive narrowingizarion of “sweetspots” weather stations. Look at the patterns in which the snow melted over the past few intense days of the sun spitting energy, flares, coronal holes and waves of energy. They resemble the earth patterns of wind and clouds. (It may look like foot prints but pretty sure no one walk over these areas)

#sunprint #sunsnowprint

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