I see it in the clouds how the Sun shapes Earth

Watching the weather progress today was very interesting as a continued my study on how the Sun and its solar flares impact the Earth the ground level and it all started with a very intense UV reading at a very local remote station. Today was a curiously dangerous day for most of the world that was under some sort of weather advisory as the crazy weather continues.

The patterns in the shapes of the clouds today are lack there of clouds and lack of water vapor and how those patterns remained so crisp and in the shape of the coastlines gave me pause to think maybe something like the sun was heating up the oceans but the landmass was keeping the edges cooler so you would see that pattern and then as the day marched on the sun wouldn’t be hitting the Earth as much but the energy was there and it was so intense that even with the cooling of the night the heat remains there so the moisture systems in place can barely go over those spots and clearly by watching the weather the past 24 hours that is very hard to disprove.

Cloud funnel systems on a world scale are quite intriguing.

Areas without any precipitation or water vapor remained intact of those shapes for many hours
This one I noticed has an arm that reminded me of the cape cod outline and so I realized perhaps that is because the deeper water remained cool. But still those are water vapor maps not water temperature. Today was unusually warm.

But all of the hurricanes and volcanoes happening and lots of Earthquakes and power outages. Last night there were quite a few states with tornado warnings. Everything compounded and in leui of all the solar flares and sun”s explosive activity I have been paying very close attention.

But I don’t pretend to know anything just question that which is presumed and then hypothesize new theories and test. Data collect and theorize how to narrow down the search for proof. Proof that we all need to be watching space weather and become aware of the changes ourbterra firma will be happening esp

Cially of cloud systems stall out like they did today for quite a few moments.

Then with the sun dictating our weather day after day of hurricanes and volcanoes… Until we figure it out.

We do need a shield for the world but we are all going to have to work together to build a quilt for humanity. We need a solar shield for just a few moments a few days a year when the sun is spewing lots of energy our way.

If we don’t catastrophic events will repeat.

We have the brain power to prevent more disasters. But first our leaders have to fight over the borders and egos. Nevermind the people who they are “leading” never mind what THEY want and need. Never mind the Earth.

Well today was the day the clouds almost died.

Thankfully there are many Earth watchmen out there in the real world and thankfully they are even smarter than I. For I really do not KNOW anything but constantly learning everything.


Not supposed to really be able to see them but there they are with the use of “nightsight” by Google pixel 4

Complements of twitter
Thanks to Twitter patron

But the clouds did stall. And I watche many snow clouds turn to rain on the radar today as they passed over the lollipop station sweet spot Knydelan43. I watched in real time the clouds disappear from overhead and know that the lake is melting fast and the patterns on the snoweltong looked eerily familiar. Such trnge melting pattern. Everything seems more extreme and oninkit keep poking round. But let’s look at the Earthquakes in the middle of the states

Defunct magnetosphere
Magnetic footprint looks like cloud patterns

And the snow melt patterns too

These resemble the #uvpeaks the top diagram reminds me of the dew point and temperature fluctuations departures
The top of Canada looks like the snow melt, and the images of the sun’s surface but magnified
Stations that blow north winds amongst stations with varying winds are what I call my “lollipop” stations. They have the best chance for picking up a VV PEAK and documenting the signature of a coronal hole (possibly the second part still WIP)
What an area with a “sweet spot” looks like in wunderground.com
Temperature and dew point evenly spaced apart until solar beam hits
#uvpeak (indicates a possible touchdown of a solar ray)
Sudden drop in few point and temperature not related to day/nightay indicate solar eruption or eminent or farside eruption
#uvpeak and elevated solar radiation levels for possible “first time event landing”
#sweetspot station near Earthquake 2/22/2022
Sever temp and dew drop. Northern winds with big gusts. Results of immense heat compression filling up with cold northern “Arctic” or “space” winds not sure but all sweet spots and hot spots so far have in common!!!
Minor UV because it wasn’t the exact point of intense touch down or there were previous waves preventing the UV through… Or maybe clouds? At touchdowns there would be no clouds so if there were no clouds and no reason to have a low UV it could potentially bebav”hot spot” meaning it gets hit multiple times. Overlapping events does ??? What exactly TBAn


Peaks and valley reflect the event from previous days. Flat tops indicate multiple space weather events overlapping or some reflection of the magnetosphere possibly
Earthquake near a “sweet spot” weather station. Maybe because the sun beam registered on the seismograph! Be interesting to compare the readings to the UV readings.

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