Weird world weather, earthquakes, rings of missing clouds and the sunspot Splatter pattern along the Earth

Locally the weather station today totally depicted the “brightness” I witnessed first hand as the sun did it’s thing for the 4th day in a row right around noon time pierced the clouds in a circular pattern around the area. It was so bright I walked outside with my eyes closed and video taped the clear blue skies with my eyes closed. There was a huge storm aimed for the area but it seems as though the moisture gets evaporated on the radar as it tries to overcome the area here.

Lots of patterns can be seen in the clouds and water vapor in the images below expressed in real time. I included the stations readings and have to consider that over the next year the sun’s going to continue to beat a path like a laser beam cross Earth’s surface and sending sounds ND magnetic pulses to the Earth probably right through it or down to it’s core.

So many active volcanoes during this very active solar 25 cycle and I bet it’s just “heating” up. The way the lack of water vapor in patterns resembles the lakes and rivers and I even managed to catch a cloud pattern that really resembeledd a “coronal hole finger”.

Here’s today 2/22/2022 readings.this short video of what it looks like nearby the weather station and during the #UVPeak (a few minutes after). The wind could be heard high above and it gusted and there was a faint ambient ringing of the ears tone too.

nx T 12:50pm EST when I went to post the 5g went out. Had to switch to regular internet. The high tonal frequency is back, the sun is bright, the wind is pretty quiet. So weird

Latest reading… Look how it dropped! Now that too could indicate being hit intensely with solar emissions but the way the light particles interact or the magnetosphere above is still something I m trying to understand.


And food for thought about the idea of the sun being a laser beam (which seems possible and most likely ancient aliens could do given the evidence of Nazca lines.)

Luckily Plasma releases, solar flares, coronal holes and CME aren’t going to make a laser that removes the rest of the sunlight from the planet but if there is something happening, a bad perfect storm of events, causing very small areas of the Earth to be hit over and over again with intense beams, this above scenerio could explain some of the more “Earth weather” phenomena.

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