Bizarre heat wave Northeast despite blizzard warning, clouds evaporate knydelan43

Tracking today’s weather systems. Hardly keeping up but look at the break in the storm system moving by my local weather system!!! The clouds really are all around but much larger scale. The northern winds come in intervals with bizarre pink faint hours being seen in the distance north and east because it is hazy. I will post all the data later for now…

Notice the times.

Still a hole in the weather system around my blue dot
Sun is setting.the bursts of northern wind are getting further apart and even settling down

All day that blank spot around my blue dot has stayed void of the system. I believe because an intense beam from the 15ths CME (or any one of them actually or combo) has made this a sweet spot. Keeping the energy levels repelling weather.

2/23/2022 storm system anomole
Even at 10:30am the storming system went around this spot but why? Has it been affected by the blasts from solar waves? Could it be the resonance or still streaming beam from the big explosion on the 15th?
Looking at weather in reverse that. Low pressure systems are when the beam of energy from the sun eases up on compressing the atmosphere and the heat leave a MD the molecules change and the weather of Earth sweeps in back to normal… Only there is leftover spaceweather particles, energy, heat and who knows what else still lingering
Water and Heat make water vapor, steMMd clouds but I wonder if the process happened so quickly would we even suspect a CME?

See my other posts for videos of three days I recorded documenting cloud circles around this same spot … And waves travel in bounces with earth weather moving in afterwards.

Well the storm system should be moving in soon but still seems to be avoiding this area. Now that sun went down let us see what happens

That pattern looks so familiar. #cmefingeepeint

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to fingerprint each #spaceweather event that hit Earth

Why doesn’t it always rain on me? There is that circle of varying wind
Sweetspot weather station north facing winds

So weird. And I noticed the lake shape moisture patterns again. This time Alaska.

2/23/2022 big snow system supposed to come to Northeast…

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