Radar shows precipitation formations mimicking bodies of water coastlines

I just happened to be looking at the map when I noticed the familiarity of a patter I had seen a few days ago. The radar picked up rain system formations that looked like the shape of water systems nearby. Angled and I flares and those angles and rates may be able to be used to calculate sun eruption timing and placement on Earth. Maybe.

Here is the pictures notice the formation of “rain” in the shape of the waterways of Alaska and Canada and Washington’s coast and tributaries!

The formation is to the left of the actual bodies of water and slightly enlarged as I would imagine happens when water is turned to clouds and made to rain in Earth’s atmosphere.

In my theory the continuing influx of solar beams will dissolve that moisture eventually but for a brief moment the exact shape is formed. That means it happened quickly right? Maybe not. Still it happened everywhere along the Earth that was getting some sun at the same time but also “angles” the way the water lifted in it’s shape and drifted. (Also probably explained by how earth weather works) but I saw this same thing happen a few days ago when the USA and CHILE and Africa were more directly aimed at sun.

There seemed to be a minor explosion on the sun’s surface in the middle and not picked up by all observing instruments.

The line that hits out to the left would be where alsaka’s land mass formed the shape… Where there was no water to quickly turn to a rain cloud
Direction of sun direct beam at time of radar images

Supportive imagery from smymarvels.com

Top right of new Zealand’s island’s coast captured as rain clouds it is magnified.
Harder to recognize but coinciding with land and water bodies
Kampala body of water and coastline of Tanzania mirrored here and look at how it grows over just 40 minute time lapse

A few more others that resemble the coastlines and bodies of waters above on 2/23/2022. This happened all with in roughly the same time period and all today.

This also happened another time when I was observing weather patterns such as below in Japan on 2/19/2022.


You can clearly see the holes in the radar line up in shape almost perfectly with the islands of Japan. Like a flash evaporation and cloud making process a severely intense beam from a sun emissions could trigger. Maybe.


Watched the review of space weather and they lost footage for 4 hours today. I saw a few flickers from the sun videos too.

Curious about the shapes and water evaporation I also looked at the “water vapor” maps and was shocked to find hikes in the water vapor the resembeledd the continents!!! Some were skewed or enlarged or rotated but these images can tell the scientists a lot about what and where and precisely when the BEAM of energy that caused their formation occured! The immense intricacy of capturing the coastal features says to me it’s a very organized process but what could do that? Does it happen often? Has anyone else noticed?

I might have to pull out the old computer graphic software and put these on the computer and overlay them but I am really good at looking coastline features and mapping them out (practice from year of hunting treasure playing Pirates Gold on SegaGenesis)

Here is the natural photos. The orange color is water vapor. Where it is darker that is lack of water vapor. Pretty cool stuff! (Especially because it seems to happen globally today) could be evidence of side swiping sun plasma or actual plasma!! Who knows? But these shapes are pretty obvious.

Not California’s coastline but the pattern from around north Carolina!!! That’s probably because the earth rotates or maybe it’s a weird way the energy hits and evaporates? Angles? Who really knows but it is a curious question.

Look at this photo I found on Twitter it too seems to be missing a particular shape must do more calculations and research

Like a sideways United States cut out
The Missing Water Vapor spot to the left (small one) is clearly Sri Lanka and then tracing the other two Vaporless spots you can see a rotated outline of India’s coastline but it breaks into two-pieces while the coastline is continuous. (This is water vapor so there will be drift and distortion) yet the sheer accuracy and detail once it is rotated and put into scale is eerilie coincidental.

Is it coincidental?

Or is it evidence yet again the eruptions on the sun that the plasma released from today’s sun made it’s impression on the ground? Or maybe made our Earth’s continents impression on the ground? Could it be a previous ejection or could it be that portion of the Earth was in direct line of fire? Could it be the plasma still from the 15th or 19tg or is this a brand new beam that hit the Earth.

Scientists, NOAA, heliophysics and the world seem to think very little importance of how the Earth’s ejections impact the Earth besides taking out technology, but just these past few days more and more evidence is mounting that the spaceweather is even more important than the Earth weather. It probably is space weather events making all these crazy weather phenomena and the idea that this is still the beginning of solar cycle 25, and based on previous patterns… We may only have until 2025 to full defend our planet from a sun event that will actually change the physical shape of the ground. At least we should try to all get along until we reach the solar minimum.


I wish I had faster better tech and more boots on the ground.

This was also inspired by the fact 4 feet of compacted snow with at least an inch thick of solid iceeltes almost completely and leaving bone dry leaves and zero evidence of melting like puddles on the porch (which always happen in the spring) and it is only February up here at #thelittlearctic (this place of unique weather with a “sweetspot” station KNYDELAN43 on wunderground.com)

Where for whatever reason the Northern Lights can be seen glowing in the distance and the fierce Northern winds come in waves bringing cold air in a very Cold gusty fashion. (See my entry detailing the days in a row where the sun formed a circle making inclement weather even vanish for a brief time- snow squalls)

Not saying this is the entire truth it is just my unique way of putting things together. Take it or leave it.

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