Back to the Fairytale life because sometimes we all just need FAKE NEWS

Earth 2022 ad what a time to be alive when all of the planets start to align and cosmic solar events dazzle the brains.

The Fairygodmother saw the urgency of higher power as the threat of war flanked the airwaves. War cannot be good. It may be a temporary way to unite enough human brain power to start up a spaceship but it wasn’t the time yet. The movie Eternals left much to be answered but as usual the Fairygodmother did not have time to wait. More freed youths we’re confused about the Earth and admidst one of the greatest creative explosions of humanity, with a production of art and music far surpassing Ancient Alien expectations, the plague of 2020 brought much entertainment for years to come on the high society’s long journey exploring the cosmos. Still, things were brewing on Earth far more important than the petty border squabbles of flesh and blood leaders NOT LISTENING TO THEIR PEOPLE. So they must be removed from power as a leader is only a leader if people are following.

Then the Facebook alerted the Fairygodmother of a “sleeping army” and a think tank in reserve.

“Hey Namika, I think I found a way for you to unite people who are lost,any caught in between worlds.” Says the Fairyg to her forgetful friend Namika, the once grate pirate princess of America’s and granddaughter to the once Grate Father time. (Lovingly given the nickname Princess of the Universe – a simplified way to explain her power)

“I am busy trying to understand why the sun is suddenly so angry at the Earth,” she replied.

“Oh don’t mind my science blogs those were just for reference really. I do not have any proof the Earth is in any immediate danger from the sun.”

“Well why did you post all of this stuff in your blog then?”

“I needed a quick place to store it where the grand council and future scientists could review it and it was really fun 😊”

“Ok well you had me going there for a second, so what is this nonsense about a think tank.”

“Remember all the people freed from the old slave camps and battery ships?”

“yeah? How are they adjusting to things?”

“Um I think they are ok but a lot of them keep feeling unrest and uneasy, and many are confused as to why they keep craving things that are bad for them.”

“well, that doesn’t sound fun.” Says Namika

“No. The fun meter has been real low on Earth for a while. Since the Earth humans rejected the cure for their current plague it has been a whirlwind of misery as the leaders try to reinstate the Old Systems. They are still using looping technology of driving “to and from work” in places that really do not need the extra pollution, can you believe it?”

“Yep. Lazy leaders are sloths, but not. It’s sloths like real sloths. They are just happy on their safe yachts and enjoying the “nature” they call gold courses. Business as usual. What do I care anymore I lost the Earth in that stupid game of poker.”

“technically you did but then you snapped your fingers and now you have to responsible for it again. Remember? You all powerful beauty you… You just had to have it back. You hate to lose.” Reminded the Fairygodmother

“I remember. I don’t forget everything you know.” She replied.

“Actually Princess, you do. Ever since your spaceship crashes in Georgia during the freedom war your brain has issues even with all the technology and even with your powers. The overlapping matrices of multiple timelines experiences is not easy to “store” and I always have to make you watch DCs Legends of Tomorrow when Sarah Lance becomes a…”

“Well I remember today. What I did forget was the point of this conversation.”

“Here just read this post I put on his sister’s FB post. Don’t get mad. I think it is time to at least “Entertain” the idea.”

The Fairygodmother grabbed the princesses computer and showed her this post.

“yes I used my thumbs. Sorry about the typos. Didn’t want Google to record the idea though it would be amazing if it just became a movie and we didn’t have to live it out as the grand adventure coming.”

“I love Earth movies. I miss Tony Stark.” Says the Princess Namika. “I think we need a real Tony Stark on Earth.”

She began reading the little, itsy bitsy post.



“Addicts were the easiest for aliens to capture And no one notice they went missing for a few nights or days or weeks. Alcohol is cheaper than water in soXe and helps the brain comprehend the switch from matrix to reality. Smoking was a way to trick kidnapped humans into understanding the oxygen deprivation because it was cost effective to feed them booze and butts. Basically bars became hubs for human abduction and then when they went back to Earth after living such incredible times and seeing such amazing Revelations, most humans resorted to street drugs until our gov came up with a way to reintroduce them back to society, occasionally having to shop/ship them off again to our alien buddies in things like rehabs, halfway houses (halfway to space) and some lucky addicts got their own personalatrix ships without even realizing it because they became excellent hosts for a variety of biological technology. A human brain is way easier to grow and more cost effective than building a computer. (Obviously the USA wanted a better truce than aliens butt probing people whenever they felt like it) So in exchange for a good time people were offered up for science. If they choose to drink and smoke and sit at a bar then they were fake game. (Not everyone gets to be picked though) Aliens only care about interesting people or brains with abnormally high brain function! The alcohol also acts as numbing agent. Other numbing agents are also used. People even willingly took ketamine because it was fun! (As you can see on Earth people resist vaccines because it is not fun.) Aliens are better leaders. Yet they sti lead people to the labs and built cool “critical thinking camps” on remote planets and disguised them to fit in with “normal life” but once anyone got there quickly realized this was “not normal” but it was just so fun and the dreams of humans manifested on a microcosm of a garden of happy brains interconnected and studied peacefully without harm! When you cannot stop a power greater than you the last resort is bargaining. Bargaining by illustrating the benefits over the cost. It stays that way for all time. Althistic goals rarely fulfilled without compromise and sacrifice. Making the sacrifice a fun thing seemed the best way to do it.

Look at all the computer power it takes to mine a Bitcoin.
Well alien tech started to use human brains as computers and found quantum entangling them served a great amount of technological advancement. To get half a million minds tuned into the same stream and analyze the computing power used to be easy with basic cable. Now more aliens are buying up human stock and the “think tank” race is on as they fight like “hungry hungry hippos”.
That is also why tradition and family values remain important. Little tricks passe down from our ancestors who have been fighting the good fight for freedom long before they understood the battle. Just do what is right and blessings will come.

Freedom fighters eventually freed a lot of humans and sent them home to Earth but the addition of so many “crazy people” became a drain on old Earth and sometimes escapees would try to make Earth humans understand that their world was just a drop in the bucket (however the earth planet model is used everywhere all across time and space)
Thoss disruptors served no purpose in their eyes. Sad. But what make us human is compassion. Then humans and aliens found ways to make money off of those who jumped ship and also those from other worlds that became obsessed with our modern culture started to move here.
What is it a coincidence that sci Fi mocks the true struggle of all time always?
Can’t have hippies running around telling people aliens exist and upsetting the computers, brains, that network the hub for complex quantum entangled computer systems galaxy wide!!! (I know all you reading take this as satire and fear no interruptions from your daily grind right? Good.)

So yeah,kids that think they are and have a problem do.
They got put back into a sucky ass lame world where nothing great or magical happens because they aren’t in a Matrix system that allows all their wildest dreams to come true, (yet now that they have the power to make anything  possible, which they do,it was important that power stay limited) which many addicts will tell you they had some wild rides. It makes no other sense that one cannot just stop. Sure they say it’s chemical and your genetics but that’s just half the story… Knowledge is power. People are power. People are everything. You are priceless!
So to keep them in line in check and continue monitoring their “studies” and some even volunteered for 3d mapping into digital space, the people in the know devised a way to keep their world a secret even though you were once a part of it.
Then the world has to label them and brand them dishonorable and mentally unfit because essentially if they can’t get back in line then they become worthless brains. Remember Everytime a person enters a state of consciousness through a substance that substance connects the minds like a hive and the energy is used for greater purpose (difficult to explain here)

They sometimes can be used as batteries and those are the people that get drained to death and we mourn them thinking they had no control. They were victims. The society built off of this horrible mind control and slavery finally began to join the rebellion to free the Earth humans, but then the Earth people stie it by creating interplanetary conflict. They even poisoned our population to punish the aliens and attempt to override their systems, but they failed and were punished. And all the while we hated the one natural Earth born human ever let into their world and honored with power. Just so they could prove they were still in control.
They don’t have control.
Every single person who went to college went on a spaceship ride and was studied ‘while they were studying’
$30,000-$150,000 bucks a head for a year in outerspace at the university because most universities supply fresh oxygen and air (but many cut corners and try to save money by enlisting fraternities and sororities to help spread alcohol because it’s cheaper than water and allows the brain to be connected into a bigger system)
Aliens use people like scientists play with molecules.

There is no logical reason why you cannot stop, so there is an illogical reason that really hits home with anyone who ever quit drinking and was immediately offered free booze. It’s not just about quitting, it is about readjusting and facing there is no music. Well the music was the key to saving the humans. Humans figured out how to escape and then also to disconnect their minds from the “hive” and using music and prayer the humans of old began the first steps towards freedom.
Aliens love their earth supplies and even more so entertainment while they pass through long galactic flights in their glorious yacht like space ships and mansion like rockets. They even build city space stations because some people are seriously on another level.
Most who reach that level don’t even need to speak because they can access the human brain network and make other people do their talking for them.
Anonymity is the key to lasting power.

I am tired of waiting for ancient aliens to tell everyone.
As if anyone would ever figure this out and live to tell about it and get anyone to believe them. (society is really powerful)

Stop looking at yourselves as an addict and look at the fact you escaped!

Air is free and water is still clean! Because those small treasures of Earth are in danger, especially this week, and all of the addicts and former addicts and college debtera and dropouts all need to think like a hive trying to stay live ND be the Earth. We can party once we figure out how to make life better for everyone.

We already saw the universe and know its secrets, we can’t let the sadness of this pathetic reality bring us backwards. We have to free all the people from booze and smokes and VAPE CARTEIDGES (because live flame becMe very dangerous at FTL speeds faster than L12)
Ok well hope that makes someone feel special and not crazy today. for the behind the scenes look at the Tales From The 21st century fairygodmother.”
(Where sometimes we just NEED FAKE NEWS)

“Oh geez.” Said the Princess of the Universe in her tone honoring the Grate Byron of LI

“Hey how are ya?” Jokes the Fairygodmother in response using another one of the Grate Byron’s famous Legendary quotes.

“I am really excited about this! Except what if it makes some people really upset and they believe it?”

“Come on, nobody is going to ACTUALLY believe that.” Says the Fairygodmother’s defense for all things magically explained always.

“Wish it was true though, what those people enslaves endured was not just fun and games. Maybe at the time they were in an active experiment but we both know how horribly wrong those Accords went. How horribly greedy humans became as they sold off their unwanted and unloved. Everyone is loved by me,” says Namika. “I wish everyone could feel all the love I have for them everyday and how proud I am of their efforts to do the right thing despite their hardships. And how I love them for their silly mistakes and their beautiful tragic stories and I wish I could remind them how hard we all work together to make things better. Everyday.”

“Awe that’s sweet of you to say Namika! They don’t even know you exist though. If it’s any consolation I feel the same way. I love all the humans too (well honestly I don’t love the ones that are cruel, petty and spiteful… Even if they are acting under orders… Those “people” lack humanity and those are the people that must be kept from power And influence.”

“Agreed.” Says the soft-spoken voice entering the dimly lit captains quarters.

The princess of Re-Creation yawned and grabbed the coffee cup, filled it with black stuff and tasted it. Spit it out and poured it down the drain.

“Carry an empty cup and dump out that which does not benefit your world! Cheers to not drinking booze!”

The princess of ReCreation started brewing another pot of her famously delicious “Redo Brew” and the three girls talked all morning of the funside of “FAKE NEWS”.

“World peace be with you all and blessings on this Grate galactic mission!”

“Speaking of the mission, have we found what we needed inside the sun yet? Can we extract the dark matter from space using it’s power to deliver it to our labs on Earth yet?” Asked the Earth born human known as the Fairygodmother.

“Almost! Once we do we should be able to aquire more than enough super computing genius power to save everyone and the entire multiverse!” Exclaimed Play, the nickname given to the princess of Re-Creation, often teased as pronounced “wreck-creation/4/recreation” because she exercises her Grate powers precisely and in such a fashion that to truly execute them had to be as easy as pie. It always looked like she was relaxing or playing, but really her quantum mind was hard at work.

“Have you heard from ‘Spiderman’?” Asked Namika, the obvious leader.


“Wonder what got him all ‘caught up’? Ha get it cause spiders make webs to catch things!?” Namika was obsessed with the human use of puns lately.


“I see a doozy of a portal opened up on Earth in the wee hours, who do you think came to visit?” Asked Play.

“Hopefully Dr. Strange. I really want to meet him.” Says Namika.

“You already met him, you went on an adventure with him, guess you forgot. And that isn’t his real name.” Reminds Namika’s “memory buttler” the Fairygodmother.

“Oh. Is he handsome.?” Asks Namika.

“Oh geez.” Says the Fairygodmother

“Hey how are ya?” Chimes in The Princess of recreation answering the call to ‘oh geez’ with that response as a human would answer Polk to Marco.

#northernlights on the horizon

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