Laser from sun vaporized landmasses of the Earth in the past and I think it might happen again

Looking at today’s weather patterns and lack of wind so I can try to find “sweetspots” weather stations I noticed a pattern in the shape of the coastline… It was like someone with the eraser tool set on the circle brush just hit into the south east coast of Chile!!!

If strong laser emissions from the sun penetrate our defenses there could be one so powerful it does this and the pattern in did it in probably could be archeologically proven as well as explain some of the “magnetic pole shift” phenomena for the earth made molten by the sun’s laser beam effect would sure have different magnetic properties. Working theory

Food for thought. If an intense beam reaches the atmosphere could it have trapped exotic matter such as dark matter? Could that explain “Dragons”


Spaceweather explains the unsolved mysteries and unwravels the bridge from past to future.

Looks like smoke that flaps “wings”

Also a weird “weather balloon” keeps appearing over Hawaii and since it has an active volcano, and because I believe sunbeams from the recent CME’s are causing all sorts of weather phenomena on Earth, I though that perhaps a floating ball of ice trapped in an intense energy beam was a better explanation. Then I found this picture of an erupting volcano.

While we see the resulting wether s FROM the eruption the speculated cause is a burst of sun plasma reaching out earth from a coronalass ejection. A small beam would create a small ball of ice but a larger ball would form if there was a larger energy beam. Looking at this picture it makes me wonder.

Volcano in midst of coronal mass ejection beam

Theory is just that until proof can be proven true.

ECUST New Progress in Molecular System of Vibration-induced Luminescence

Fluorescent dragon molecule

Woa. Science.


Antimatter is instantaneous but the speed at which all things happen influences everything proportionately distant to the rate at which it was traveling before it transported “faster than antimatter” and it goes on fractaling forever. If it finds itself unattached at any area that is the area of vulnerability in which the opportunity presents for an “antimatter vortex” deprived of antimatter and matter… TRUE ZERO

Take a cup of blueberries and fill it with water and move the blueberries around and all the water between blueberries represents “antimatter” and how the blueberries may touch but there is always water between them. Antimatter is a constant opposite of whatever laws of whatever field of science and math explains. If the science and math is incorrect then the inverse laws cannot be applied to antimatter therefore Antimatter study is pretty difficult

When antimatter from a far away hotter And more energized place gets blasted out of place it cascades outwards fractally and also engages antimatter of each sector it encounters. A sector is a significant difference in antimatter properties IE from extreme fast hot sun’s surface to slow dense different laws of gravity atmosphere. The “smallness” of it is an illusion because much like the oceans are to the Earth, anti matter is to the Universe.

A realm in which antimatter AND matter exist in harmony is “life stable” and rules and laws start to form and function normally around the cohabitating antimatter connection and this ever so slightly bumping the understood And know world in which it is the direct opposite and or inverse to.

An antimatter particle can drop in and say hello briefly but as it folds back onto itself it will eventually fizzle out from all notable existence. Good antimatter is that which exists And does no harm.

Occasionally enough antimatter will exist in one place that is too far from its place of origin and become disconnected. “BAD Antimatter” and it will “want” to go home or assimilate as fast as possible, for Antimatter is the fastest thing conceivable.

This antimatter will jostle And accelerate antimatter particles in it’s surrounding to as much extent as they can without the surrounding matter being created or destroyed

It is perhaps a rare occasion when antimatter finds itself in contact with radiation inside living biological systems but cannot escape as it would disrupt the natural order of existence, so it keeps trying to halve itself out of the localized biological area using the rate of antimatter proportion allowed within the organism, which is a usually incredibly slow moving. But bumps from other antimatter visitors can help it outwards by finding it and clearing an antimatter path, yet that too presents a problem when too much antimatter accumulates so as the antimatter splits and splits it loses its way out and becomes infinitesimal and undetectable falling through the time space continuum cradle and emerging on the other side of itself. Now it has become Super Antimatter and this kind of antimatter does great harm as it expands to find the speed at which it was formed like a rubber band effect.

All of that hypothetical speculation from seeing a giant CME recorded February 15, 2022. And a dragon video on you tube.

(oh and once antimatter slips through the cradle of time and space it makes a path for more antimatter to leak in until ll antimatter out of time space is in a “mirror world” in which life cannot exists as antimatter accumulation is in fact nothing. Completely isolated from all else in time and space it is an infinite reflection of itself fractaling on and on until more antimatter slips through time and space. Once two or more antimatter accumulates in the mirror more the probability of it pressing against the cradle of time and space increases as it’s “face” grows despite it having no mass or any form to compute in math or science. On the super rare instance I’m which miniscule antimatter is in the process of falling through the time space cradle it encounters the “face” of antimatter in the mirror world, the mirror world antimatter may “hone I’m” on the vibrational frequency of the falling antimatter to successfully complete a rubber band snap to the last stable place the falling antimatter had existed before it was forced to have fractally out of time space.

Meaning that if antimatter Z from planet A gets trapped in a laser beam and arrives at planet B inside a living organism and cannot assimilate, falls through the cradle of time space and accumulates a face, then when antimatter Y halves out to the mirror world the antimatter would have enough inertia and connection to “blip out” of the mirror world and back to the origin of the “last location” antimatter Z occupied while still connected. If by chance the antimatter Y came from the same place antimatter Z did AND if there were any halving fractaled remains still crossing over to the mirror world they would be stopped up like metal to a magnet before they fell into the cradle.

Once antimatter falls into the cradle of the mirror world it becomes ‘negative’ antimatter but just in terms as antimatter is nothing. Relative only to itself for measure the negative Antimatter once left the mirror world becomes more “fluid” and thicker to by means of total separation of all matter evenly.

Everytime antimatter goes into the mirror world it effects ALL antimatter in the real world once it returns to the spot of origin and sends the signal for all connected antimatter to grow over all – meaning make the space between matter larger. But only in a sort ofuscle memory way because antimatter is the stable 0. Zero.

Every time you draw a zero it is slightly different and essentially antimatter is constantly morphing. It has 5 antipoints

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