The Matrix reprogramming journey

This fat the “old world” is very limiting as the humans fail to integrate with each other across the planet Earth in a seem less and smooth method. So quantum entangled human brains are a very powerful source of remote computing but how far can the spaceships travel and still access “Earth’s human skull network” is the question buzzing around the intergalactic counsel offices in the Milky Way galaxy. The first galaxy to ever utilize it’s human crops for anything other than cheap entertainment and natural resource production.

What a huge vast world and what wonders are coming into the future, from the future, are doing to exponentially raise the bar on how humans think world wide! Still only a limited time to correct all the tiny programming errors before the grand “reOpening” of the StarStream Universal Energy Conduit Exchange (SUECE) DEVELOPED BY A HANDFUL OF “PLUCKED” LUCKY EARTHLINGS who successfully integrated the future and the”known past” to creat a hidden language within current operational language.

Unfortunately the memory space on this particular blog site has reached its limit so the new Tales From a 21st century Fairy Godmother will be edited and re-designed and made available soon on an even greater and better site. To be continued

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