Things are always happening really slow and yet as fast as all that can be.

The Princess of the Universe was tasked with saving the Earth planet yet again. This time she decided she wanted a relic of the events and adventures and to be able to adorn such a beautiful accomplishment in a way to represent her power, increase her energy and also spread all of the love, light and knowledge as she could in a very easy, peaceful and fun loving way. So she asked her Faerie Godmother to construct such a thing. What better way to do all of the above than with a crown!

The Princess of the Universe has many reasons for enjoying being a princess and not doing much of anything, as she always sees everything as perfect and that it would only be a matter of time before all that was wrong was set right. Still, her dear Faerie Godmother had her doubts after the debachle in cards. A snap of her finger and it was like the whole game and all the events and characters involved never happened. Any memory of it was merely a passing dejavu or memory of a dream long ago. Yet, even though everything seemed “Back to Normal” there was reason to think it was more of a “bizarro world” than one could even imagine.

Still, with what is now there was much to still be done. The Sun in the Milky Way galaxy seemed quite upset. It kept shooting of solar flares, solar plasma and erupting in ways that impacted Earth in very beautiful fashion: the amazing and wonderful Aurora Borealis. The night sky of Earth would light up in bright colors, pinks and greens not normally seen would show up in response to the sun’s ejections influencing the Earth at an Ionospheric capacity. The Aurora were also called the Northern Lights and usually only people close to Earth’s poles were fortunate enough to see them. Of course the use of camera technology sure did make the lights stand out even prettier.

Yet even more dazzling and brighter than the Aurora of Earth, were the Solar Flares of the sun that were responsible, partly, for these fascinating, dancing lights. These Solar Flares came in different sizes, and the Princess of the Universe was obsessed with M and X class flares. While she loved the strength and verocity of X-class flares, the M class flares brought a much closer Atomospheric energy abundance that the Princess enjoyed bathing in and absorbing while she trekked about on missions of Earth’s surface. The humans at that time were very fortunate the Princess of the Universe happened to be fancied to stay on Earth for so long to have even noticed the problems with its star. The scientists of Earth had no clue what was up, so she felt bad for their civilization and hoped she could advance their technology and awareness even more rapidly with her grace and genius.

The Faerie Godmother knew that the Princess of the Universe was often filled with self doubt, as her memory was terrible and she couldn’t trust it, and also that she was quite confident and overbearing when she was at full strength and her access to unlimited information at speeds that made faster than light seem like a turtle on Earth, well she was a piece of work. A piece of an exciting element of science that for some reason didn’t always jive with Earth’s weather systems.

Often if the Princess stayed in one state, in one spot on Earth long enough, the weather patterns would ultimately shift around her. Being bored on all the long intergalactic time hops and in between journeys, and nano sizing life as they digitally reprogrammed the cracks in the Matrix, The FGM (faerie godmother) decidede to venture into Earth’s point of view to see if there was a real reason the sun seemed to follow the princess of the Universe around and create #BlueHoleSky phenomena around her and where she frequented. Also why all her favortie places on Earth seem to have the same sort of connection to the Star called the Sun.

From this studying and wondering, the Faerie Godmother came up with the idea to deflect more of the Sun’s elemental destructive energy and simultaneously creating the Princess’s wish: The Solar Flare Tiara

A crown made of sparkling Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds…. all the fancy jewels of the universe, but to add the Earth’s magic and to create a bountiful bridge of love and knowledge from the future to the past… the addition of Solar Flares would be added as the featured jewel.

Obviously to wear a crown filled with continuing Solar Flares would be quite impossible, but nothing is impossible for the Princess of the Universe. Nothing. In fact it was the key to her power sometimes, having to figure out backwards the impossible to possible, the more she analyzed the way things could never be the more she understood what part of the yin and yang she was at a given moment. The moment when time seemed to stand still and all around stopped moving. The true essence of Equilibrium in which the whole universe constantly tries to maintain. Yet sometimes the ends drift so far apart and in different non harmonious fashion that only a thump from Thor’s hammer or a Shove from Captain America, or a re-arranging of atoms from Jean Gray, or maybe even a full re-alignment with Wanda Maximoff, or perhaps the Eternal never born in its center needs to be entertained and channeled… and for that, is where the Solar Flare Tiara comes into play.

For not only does the sun need to be soothed, but the people of Earth shouldn’t have to live in fear. The Earth people dwelled on unsettled land of a planet so alive that it almost appears on the outside to be dying, but the Sun keeps striking the Earth and the two have come to tit for tat battle that is disrupting not only Life on Earth, but the entire cosmic wave of creation.

The Silver Surfer comes to mind, and the real Earth character who related to that story as well.

It would be good to get back to the Earth Festival camps and meet the next generation of thinkers.

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