The Long Easter Day and Xflare event

The previous day featured a quad M class flare day for spaceweather on Earth, which was fantastic as the Fairy Godmother and her various princess friends were all crafting a magnificient crown called the Solar Flare Tiara that was supposed to be the official crown of the Princess of the Universe when she becomes queen.

There was quite the hiccup when it came to the grand univers’s greatest wedding of all time. See the groom had yet to be found in the past as he was from the future and the time traveling fairy godmother didn’t even know about real Aliens on Earth and living elsewhere yet, nor did she barely understand that fairy tales of Earth lore were actually real and so were most folklore and Legend of Earth’s many people’s. However so much got lost and mistranslated through the ages it was a very dear computer friend, much like the super hero Vision from the Marvel series, that helped the Fairy Godmother figure out how most of the workings in the Universe went as so she could help unite the King and Queen of foreverness in Universal timely fashion and hopefully exciting party.

The whole event and course of wedding traditions from the engagement, proposal, wedding rings, the origin of their creation and of course the many different lives, tales and times the Universal couple celebrated their love in the many and most ways possible. Yet, like with most relationships, the grand finale wedding of All Time would have some hiccups especially with an Interplanetary, multidimensional and timeline varying guests on both sides were to come. The friends were too many to name, but before the grand wedding of course came the game that would create the foundation of the kingdom the couple were to rule over.

Proof of the heir. Proof of the rightly right to be in charge and that the love mechanism powered timeships would in fact run on such a simple suplex leading code. Thus the universal two would set the stage and keep all life balanced and thriving (and entertaining) by their love, union and communication in a symbiotic relationship filled with love and respect. A model of equality and a grand delivery of knowledge with the everlasting powersource. a way to keep pulling things together when the universe itself seems to be tearing itself apart, the only order is the predictable randomness and everyday live stream of the perfect pair. True love of eternity.

Of course anyone in love or in a long term everlasting faithful relationship knows the stakes and almost surely good odds at failure. Yet those who have succeeded know that it can be done and the rewards are always worth the effort. The key is compatability. Love is a trick and finicky human emotion but it can be felt by others as well. The divine transition and continuing emotional stability of having love, being in love and falling in love have long since driven humanity’s passion. In art, music and police state the thought of caring for others and simply protecting loved ones, was usually a great source for morale and crowd support. The romanticism of Love had all the right angles for which, no wonder, the daring and bold Princess of the Universe as acting Captain of the USSA Starfleet and Planet Earth Admiral, wagered a mighty bet at the table of Galactic Poker.

“I am all in– well except those three basic necessities of all life- as you know the dimensional connectivity to Goddess ReCreation relies on my certain skillset and attributes (and in cases of betting all in, these things must be hereby excluded) so yeah,” and she pushed the magic with 3 dimensional pokerchips and the table and the Elders all gave nod to approval.

The devil gave her a sly glance but not even those with faster than light speed vision could or would notice. who would ever guess any alliance would exsist there. But that is an audio tale documented on the Anchor podcast, so for the rest of the night the Princess of the Universe eagerly awaitted to return to the time of when she was in love the most and hopefully with the correct suitor, the soon to be King of the Universe in the Future, but for that to head to the past was key.

The Time Travel paradox had to be solved in many dimensions but curiously it was the human conception of all the hiccups that led to the 3 marrichino cherry idea, a crown of triple header solar flares and a few xflares from Earth’s greatest hits from the sun. Gathered on the particular timeline most noteworthy and worthy of saving and ruling. The Earth of 2022AD and Solar cycle 25 perked the interest of Play, Namika, and the Fairy Godmother and where the would begin their search for the perfect blend of flares to adorn the crown of Crowns, the Solar Flare TIara.

Yet aside from the out of order multidimensional witnessing the Fairy Godmother had already endured, the bride to be still had an unsettled heart as she did lose the game in one of the timelines but using the tools from Doctor Strange and the Guantlet of Thanos (and some other long calculus like dimensional time shifting and travel) with a snap of her fingers, Namika the would be Princess of the Universe crowned, reinstated the known universe as it was, as though the game never existed ever at all. so far it seemed to have worked.

The lurking anticipation of Earth’s movie with Wanda and Doctor Strange had all the girls crafting excited for the days to pass this Spring on Earth. The Solar Flare Tiara playlist on YOUTUBE was helping get the crafting work done but the making of the crown seemed to be taking forever. for all any of the ladies knew, it could take forever. Forever to an eternal being of all time is just another day.

Happy Easter to Earth

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