XFlare and triple Header M Solar flare day on Earth Solar Flare Tiara

Finally the Fairy Godmother got a hold of the leprechaun who was in charge of testing one of the king of the universe throne lines, there was a lot of circuitry and dimensional programming involved in the solar flare Tiara for it to work properly throughout the ages of mankind across the Multiverse. The Fairy Godmother came out of retirement because she was one of the 12th dimensional greatest programmers ever to currently be alive on the Earth plane, so Starbucks coffee was in the coffee maker and fairy G had her solar flare net in hand.

Times have always made children catch pretty things but never before in a timeline have celestials adorned jewelry of constant flowing Star Energy, until the coronation of Queen of the Multiverse. Fairygodmother was getting very worried there could be a lien on the SolarFlare tiara as well as some sci Fi competition on how the biggest party of creation ever happens, so eagerly the girls working on the SolarFlare tiara awaited the new Marvel movie.

“Trust me this tiara is going to work MARVELously,” joked the Grand engineer.

“Have you checked in at the castle of time yet? The Grand Guardians are delighted to have you come and bake for them!” asked Namika.

“I have been there on Earth for many weeks. The Blueberry Pie has the King have me on repeat making it. Today is another blueberry pi day. There is so much activity on Earth’s star-the Sun- that I really want to come along for the flare catching today! Please can I come?” Begged the Fairygodmother

Sometimes when the princess of the universe felt benevolent and had her full memory capacity she could seamlessly pluck the fairy godmother out of three dimensions and allow her to serve the multiverse. Of course the princess of recreation had made the Fairy Godmother an amazing cosmic surfboard which any human ever trying to cross the galactic plane would be jealous of.

“I have this beautiful surfboard that I really want to try and today there already have been so many flares!”

“You don’t realize that time dialation may make things dizzying for you upon returning to Earth’s gravity. Imagine that feeling after being out on a boat at sea in a spaceship belly chamber and then coming on land. Those spins you feel, like the whole planet is moving and the walls are still moving, imagine that but way heavier.”

“How long will it last?” Asked fairyg.

“Well, we are going for a week. You will have to stop down on Earth to maintain the portal of dimensionality remains open and your presence isn’t missed in the original Earth sequence. You have a lot of programming yet to do and the telekinesis portation floaties are not going to withstand these conditions of you get caught in the Van Allen Belt, and I really hate the whole snapping my fingers to get things back to normal routine. It’s such a cookout for climatic artistry in the storyline.”

Namika was referencing the biggest debacle in all time space and creation history when she may have lost the valuable game of galactic poker, a series which took 14 years to play out and wager on, in which she had bet it all on love and lost. The first time she just reconfigured the whole system to be love actualized radiated throughout the cosmos as a source of power and connectivity but each time she though she found the King of the Universe it was a bust. Almost like blackjack but in multiple dimensions with time being irrelevant to human standards of time flow as the moment of eye contact remained the key feature. When eye contact no longer was needed and Namika had the players all cowering as she had just about proved True Love the most incredible force in existence when the Devil threw down all he had to the pot. The throne of “Hell” the most misunderstood of dimensions through time, was also the room where all of Namika’s darkest and meanest foes were sent. Allegedly those trapped in Hell dimension were too rude and cruel to be allowed to associate or mingle in any other timeline or dimension. Only the ruler had the ability to pardon and send energy from the hell dimension and the laundry list of galactic signatures required to do so was monotony. All forces of light did not want any help from the underworld (the term they gave to Hell being the lowest DIMENSIONS it wasn’t even considered worthy of being an actual world).

Namika had called the Devil’s bet.

“I call.”


The Fairygodmother, The Goddess Play, the Princess of Heaven, the princess of re-Creation and the queen of Bulls all were sitting in what looked to be a fancy Earth 21st century Hotel suite. Namika addressed the ladies,

“Hi ladies. I brought you all here because I really need your help hijacking all the universes and creating a seem less flow of connectivity in the web of the Multiverse in the form of the most glorious headdress ever.”

Namika waved her hands around and a magical hologram of the most exquisite crown ever imagined appeared.T

Hy e Fairygodmother was blinded instantly for her mortal eyes could not bear t ok n see even the toned down version in the hologram.

“Oh shit, sorry. I forgot you’re human.” Apologized the princess of the Universe.

Namika snapped her fingers and the Fairygodmother’s vision was restored and then some.

“Why dies everything loon slightly different?” Asked the Fairyg.

“since you are going to be helping us forge the Solar Flare Tiara your going to want the Ultraviolet spectrum in your vision. You can switch it off or tone it down like the volume on a T.V. just try it out, you will live it.”


Namika snapped her fingers again and the goddesses and princesses familiar with that sound all cringed expecting a catastrophe much like the characters in Bewitched when Aunt Agnus would use her powers.

Nothing seemed to happen though.

“what were you trying to do?” Asked the princess of re-Creation who was so sensitive to energy she could transform electrons and photons into anything. She could make anything into anything. Yet she detected no changes in the energy around the girls.

“I made her into a celestial,” replied Namika.

“Um but you didn’t,” replied Play.

“Oh you just can’t tell yet because it can’t be activated on this realm, just wait. When she gets out on the magnetosphere to deliver the good news his girlfriend is alive and well and we are building a way to let them connect their love again all will be revealed.”

“Here is the plan. Yes you can come surfing for solar flares for the Solar Flare Tiara today, but I need a little more complicated tasks measured and set in place on your way and during, ok?” Asked Namika to her Fairygodmother.


(like it is even possible to tell the Princess of the Universe no.)

Fairyg to the 5 star general of the Leprachaun Marine Space force
Kinda what it looked like surfing for solarflares
Go to smashomash.com for accurate and snarkily beautiful commentary for all Earth’s weather and spaceweather reporting.

“Well first I have to take #BrownieDog for a walk to do business.”

“Walk him at the #BlueHoleSky portal entrance. He can come surfing too!”

Snap. A dog cosmic surfboard appeared. It had a bubble of magical glow that looked like a solarflare around it.

“We can use him as the lure! His energy inside the cosmic surfoard bubble will attract solar flares so we can catch them!”

“That sounds really dangerous and scary will he like it?”

“Trust me,” says Namika “He loves lasers and lights so he will love it! He will be under my full protection and nothing will happen to him.”

“Ok since you actually do know everything. Let’s have some fun. But don’t you dare mess up and resort to snapping your fingers to make things right. Nothing better happen to my dog Brownie.” Warned the Fairyg.

“That’s what I love about you and your human self Fairygodmother, you always put the innocent animals well being first. You didn’t even ask how dangerous this will be for you.”

“Yeah, well that’s because the innocent usually are ignorant so someone in the know gotta stand up for them. It’s like that for the old Earth people too and that is my hope that once your cockamamie plan is finished the peace and balance will return to Earth and the people can be free, happy and fearless again. People producing entertainment is a valuable asset and so the Neo Renaissance will be beautiful.” The fairygodmother picked up the surfboard and began strapping on the dogs boots for his cosmic ride.

Follow #BrownieDog hashtag on all social media, he will awe you with cuteness!!!

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