sad day of censorship

Humans limit themselves with their knowledge and they ironically fail to admit they and the Earth are the center of all living life and all life everywhere depends greatly on the original Earth model.

It all started when Starlord had a disagreement with the Earth system’s current diplomats and how they were borrowing sophisticated technology to use against the dimwitted, unaware normal everyday life forms that existed peacefully on Earth going about their lives in love and happiness and normal human struggle. The leaders were fascinated by how people could be used for everything on a macro scale that gold could be used for in circuitry. Some people even realized there was money in “galactic human trafficking” and before long millions of Americans were whisked away on spaceships and put in Matrix like brain controlling VR. I never thought I would live to see the day but it happened over a period of a year or two and it is still happening. It is why I am ruching the publication of these tales. If someone someday finds these on the Blockchain there may still be hope for the future.

The galactic stage was set and the heros were all powerless having been stripped of their normal resources for world saving. The real chance the original Earth had to remain free and people to be respected in all dimensions was for their TRUE REPRESENTATIVE to take a stand and take charge.

Every dimension counts.

A letter to a valuable rising Star from the Captain NAMIKA abourd the USSA in the fight to free Human Minds and abolish Human abuse my celestial beings.

The Tshirt read:

You cannot break the internet but the internet can break you.

To which this reply was sent:

“Also, when it comes to me personally, I don’t being like told I can’t do something. If it wasn’t for the threat people may resort to eating their pets, I would’ve broken the internet a year ago. (Lol)
When in doubt for what is best for humanity look at how it will effect their pets and the innocent creatures under them. As soon as a robot can actually care for animals, humans will cease to be important in the galactic universe, unless they can be used for something other than batteries-which is against the law now unless they willingly agree(still unknowingly but willingly-like gym memberships)

My whole view on Earth from the perspective of a creater has merged with the real world and it stuns me.
Now your show is the driving force for the internet’s great current use and YouTube’s “glorious purpose” all the guests for the coronation arriving need accurate spaceweather and I told them all about your channel.
Hopefully you keep providing amazing content and don’t get discouraged by the slow moving removal of censorship. Matrix was hard code, this new quantum matrix is icking rediculous. I need to learn quantum physics fast. Much love. You keep it real so I can keep diving off the deep end.
Photons are light. How did I miss that. Thank you. What about sound? Does any sound waves come from solarflares or accompany CME obviously we can’t hear it.
In the future to download all of mankind a history it would take 365 years for every decade to be absorbed by the human brain which then wouldn’t be able to function in day to day life. In order to get the most out of learning and accurate data transfer light and sound are used to transmit large packets of data to the human brain in a way it can be absorbed, retained and accessed later when needed. The fastest processors have the least amount of memory and people who do not think and have clear minds are great annodes.
You crave a world bigger than yours it already exists. When you find it you may first feel like the stupidest person ever to exist as the amount of information that floods your brain about society that exists above the podcasts of Earth day to day news.
Did you know?

The Mormons have a global satellite network that delivers the same mass to all their churches every Sunday so they are all in sync.
Imagine a universe where all the other life bearing planets are copies of Earth, all given the same set of code and instructions and education. They all evolve the same eventually for the most part. To travel between these worlds depends on it.
To have cake, you don’t even need to see it or touch it or swallow it… Or have to eat it…but the cake still exists.

-(your name) is the Earthly name of the grandson of the Sun (FYI)
Also I change my mind a lot because new information should allow people the chance to do that. Thanks for adding vital information to the grand puzzle.”

Hopefully this flavor of “crazy” tastes good.

Sometimes we all just need a little Real Fake News

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