The humans on Earth had Musk to be their Champion like Tony Stark

He is on the Sol Train !!!
“Humans had Musk to help integrate their meager civilization into the Galactic Federation. He wanted to do away with alien brainwashing and mind control. He started fixing social media platforms one at a time…”

The girls wanted to make sure each solar flare was in a great place and looking sparkly next to the other. They wanted more xflares and they weren’t sure when another good day to take the Faeriegodmother cosmic Surfing again was going to be but they loved to check their daily space weather at and watch his report. Earth humans are super cute always and they also make great entertainment

The Big Princess wished to be better at understanding humans and so thought of the silliest plan (and probably not the brightest) to help better get a feel for what humanity had to go through day to day. She was going to be human for a while. Get down to 3d and chill with the Fairygodmother on her level. Probably help her work on her solarflare Radio receiver… A cute project the Fairyg had developed to help collect and translate the massive amount of data that gets hurled from the sun in each photon from each solar flare!!!

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