Facebook makes me type the weirdest stuff

Fleeticus was in charge of Namika’s brother’s Hawaiian fleet and was very awesome he found the galactic princess when he did. Over a decade later he had not been brought up to speed on the state of affairs and military galactic space force and alien future news.

As the future and past merge multiple realities and timelines branch. At first this was an End All scenerio. Much like Sara Lance played the part of the Paragon to save existence and how Loki and Silvie destroyed the Time Keeper’s process of keeping order… Here today in May 2022 the Earth OG faces it’s newest event horizon yet.

Here is the post that FB triggered as the wasteful debates of red vs blue gov in USA wastes millions of man hours and conversation space. Wasting the valuable time and emotional space of brains everywhere. Mucking up the whole system and slowing down progress. Violence is crude and yet there it was craves and wages on Earth by those who weaseled their way into power. Crumbs from the ancients they used and fear mongored the innocent. The princess found had a strong sense to punish these abusers yet her all knowingness knew better.


Trump is a human. Democraps are Avatars.
uSA wants to join galactic federation.
COVID was the great harvest into new matrix systems people upgraded from batteries to also avatar and organ crops. Earth tested for new advancements in technology preparing earth for ancient overlords returning.
Submissive, don’t talk back, obedient non angry sheeple are desired.
Noisy cans will be emptied.
This has been a friendly service reminder.
Don’t push the red or blue pill until you accept there are actual avatars living on Earth and that our shadow government and mock social media platforms are blatant lies. The most believable one wins.

Earth supplies most of the papertiwls, toilet paper and entertainment for all of the other civilizations that thinkt hey are so much better than earthlings but yet only Americans know how to come up with the neverending crazy stories.

(Wink wink)

Much love.


“They want to eat your dreams and feed you crumbs, so dream so FUCKING BIG they choke.”

Avatar Obama, Avatar Biden, Avatar Hillary with real human Bill, Avatar Pelosi and unfortunately Cuomo was that douchey human that made a deal with the superior human takeover forces to try and integrate people into their spaceships without panic or disturbing realities.

Empty cities because y’all are harvested. Your car and house aren’t really either.

(Happy April Fool’s day)

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