Wow that crazy feeling of solar flare anticipation

The Fairy Godmother listened to our daily favorite space weather been explained the predictions and current states of the Earth in 2022 ad while she waited at the vortex for the Blue Hole Sky to appear and for the time space continuum to open up so that she may jump into a cosmic array of Glory with her friends the cosmic mermaids to go solar flare surfing AKA Cosmic surfing.

The Sun at solarcycle 25 was shooting off solar flares so pretty that the current princess of the universe wanted them all harvested in place in a beautiful gold crown that she may wear to connect All of the Stars and their energy and shower humanity everywhere with brilliant ideas and encouragement of complacency because genius breeds from those who are happy and happiness should be free and people should be able to live without worry.

All of the freedoms that mankind had enjoyed an early America we’re just the beginning of the freedoms the new generations of humanity across the galaxies would appreciate. Just like in the reference Sci-Fi movies of Terminator 2 it was just a miracle that the past had been changed just enough so that the terrible parts of the future could be skipped and that the glorious purpose of Peace on all earths could be achieved but how?

This blog is full sonI guess it’s time to start over, again and make a new blog with new rules in the new Multiverse. The Queen of the Multiverse wants people to be chill, happy and genius creating the best music and art ever known… So the violence must be eradicated and eradicated from basic instinct at this point. Oh geez…

Save the robots.

Make the humans.

Humans are much easier to make than computers and cheaper by the dozen (sick sad world) and so that is where the New Queen will stand and stand up for the mortal rights and limitations of forbidden knowledge to be redesigned. More humans deserved to know their true birthright

They aren’t all special in all eyes but they could be. The powers that be scare instead of inspire and therein lies the problem. Fear is the enemy of compassion. Compassion and love are the only keys needed. Enter now

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