War against freedom and Florida: human’s last stand

The whole world has gone mad and the tyranny has popped up everywhere as mortal men seek methods of ways to control entire populations to control entire cities and states and countries. The United States of America was the leading source of free life where people were free to go about their daily business and do what they want so long as they didn’t harm others or break the law.  The original laws of the United States were set up by very wise men most likely who had very wise extraterrestrial beings guiding them.

Whatever happened in 2020 changed the world forever and now as the power struggle plays out it is so sad to see everyday people being actually brainwashed. The people used to cheer for freedom and fight against oppression but now oppression is disguised as safety and everybody thinks they’re doing good when really they are ruining the future for everybody.

Right is a freedom. Wrong is a choice. All freedom is righteous. Wrong cannot exist unless someone decides it is wrong. By the laws of physics: measuring what is the world will explain the world. Well, until physics was broken and the reality that exists there after is beyond human comprehension. To keep everything simple the humans had to be confined and contained both emotionally and physically. What was about to come over the next 10 years was going to be challenging and the more the humans protected themselves with false laws and false hopes that things are going to get better the more vulnerable they had become on planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy 2022 A.D.

As far as the governments concern of the countries when most of them had knowledge of alien technology as well as extraterrestrial presence and their return dates. There was an agreed upon treaty in which humans were not allowed to be captured or enslaved unless they chose it for themselves. More powerful bloodlines with an edge against regular humans were monopolizing on their gifts and using them in cynical ways giving the illusion that they were protecting the very working class they only needed to continue living luxuriously in peace. It has long been known that the many can take over and beat the most powerful so it was most important to keep the many separated as individuals because if they were to unite they would overcome any darkness and lies that the more powerful entities had in place to keep their power.

This was the epic battle of energy and it existed in the science of all things but particularly when it came to human energy consumption. The humans themselves had no idea how valuable they are as crops. Unlike apples, human crops didn’t just grow and become sweet they had to be carefully manicured because they had emotions and free thought and by doing so they were very hard to raise in the manner in which they were needed.

The Fairy Godmother struggled desperately to plead with the higher-ups saying that humans were more valuable than just batteries and that they were also more valuable than quantum entangled brains used as supercomputers and they were also more valuable than opening up vortices for otherworldly beings. Humans were also worth much more than the paper towels toilet paper and other beautiful toiletry accessories that extraterrestrials have grown fond of. The entertainment value of humanity had no limit and therefore being the most sought after commodity while traveling through long distance space rides, the United States of America type of entertainment made Americans the diamonds of civilizations everywhere. They had one mortal man not in the know who seemed to prove worthy enough through good deeds and unselfish intentions to prove that the Hans still deserved their freedoms.

That man is Elon Musk. #ElonMusk

Raised human and not given any insight to the bigger galactic picture, his existence proved to the extraterrestrial society that humanity was still worth saving and giving freedom to.

Not all men were like Elon though, in fact most were still to scared to be their true selves and many lived to survive day to day that their true personality and creative nature could never grow, thrive and be harvested. That is why the Fairygodmother begged the overlords to decrease prices and cost of living and upgrade technology.

She was given the same response to the upgrade in technology request she had been giving each time she sat before the counsel.

“how do you guarantee it won’t be used for evil?”

For ten years she had no answer that could satisfy them, but this time she had an offer.

“What if I can prove that love is the underlying factor for all of humanity’s actions, even the ones made out of desperate and sinister scenerios? What if there exists a way to finally prove humans by nature are good and that it was merely the influence of unnatural forces that has given to the latest increasing trend of wretchedness?”

“That seems impossible but you may try… But for our time and delay in the harvesting now, what can you offer us?”

That statement right there is the distinguishing line between humanity and overlords. Humans will do things just to help people for no reason but to be nice or helpful. Many want a favor for a favor or money for work, but more often than not REAL HUMANS BORN TO THE EARTH AND RAISED BY REAL HUMANS were always inclined to help others and do what is right just because it is right.

Now because the overlords have all too often used to for that, in their dealings with humans the humans have started to adopt this measure of control and conquest, and that is ultimately not their fault. They were lead by superior beings off their natural.path and by no means are their species capable of finding the light again now that the dark shadow from overlords have scarred them.

The princess NAMIKA stepped forward,

“I will wager my throne as Princess and all of my assets that humanity is better than you!”

She shouted at the elders who resembled giant tardigrade* looking uncool and slimy wearing flesh of humans and stinking like old milk.

The ugliest of the Elders looked narrowly at her beautiful blue eyes, glowing with electricity of a million lightning bolts as she stared him down hard, but continued…

“Humans are better than your kind in every way and it is time you pack your shit and take your lizard children and leave Earth. Do we have a game?”

Overlords only liked games and gambling and always cared about “What’s in it for me” kinda attitude. Which was extra disgusting because they all lived better than even the most pampered on Earth AND they possessed the power to “Body Occupy” any human on Earth at anytime and enjoy the fruits of the best lives of Earth without any work or effort or caring what happens to the poor human once they leave it’s body trashed and addicted to harsh substances required for the Overlord’s “Avatar” trip.

Some humans were untouchable and those were the humans that the Princess of the Universe was leading as soldiers in the war for light against darkness… The war for freedom over oppression and also… For the real truth of reality to be known finally on the version of Earth 2022a.d. that her best friend the Fairygodmother was born and raised. A very ignorant and archaic Earth mostly used for partying of Avatars and intergalactic transfer portals. They did however establish a music armada that also helps protect the freedoms and quality of life for Earthlings on all the versions of Earth in all the cosmos to integrate and party, a way in which multiple worlds could exists simultaneously. The only time space that truly the elders could not control every aspect of, and elwhen they tried to use the music to program humans to be docile they were met with the biggest BACKFIRE of all planned attacks in ear of all time everywhere… Music can only be programmed for good.

Sushi on the other hand… Well that’s a whole different level.

*originally posted “lizards” but lizards are very cliche and they’re actually really cool and a tardigrade is also really cool but metaphorically and physically are much closer resembling the disgusting creatures occupying fake humans

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