#solarflaretiara the solar Flare Tiara and Cosmic Surfing for Solar Flares

The Earth’s tech was very vulnerable in 2022a.d. and the civilizations powerheads were ignorant to their danger, so the superheros had to do all the heavy lifting and since the OG Earth was so special it was here the Cosmic Surfing competition of the galaxies was being held. Everyone who is everyone was coming and spaceships we’re landing (invisible) all over the Earth that space traffic control even in 7d was having a difficult time keeping up with the scientific calculations to enter the Earth realm unnoticed and without disturbing time/space

Now that time travel is almost a norm everywhere in the galaxies and multiverse the true heir was ready for her crown and so the idea of the great #solarflaretiara was born and it would have the most magical of all pretty things as jewels… Solar flares from the original Sun of the first ever Earth.

These days have played out so many times in an echo that was forver separated but by a freak collision if Destiny two worlds collided and the beautiful fractalverse existed and grew between boundaries and so came the merging of it all and the rebirth again of time and space and family and friends. There were too many stories and right now the Fairy Godmother had to go solarflare collecting. The team of galactic mermaids were quite as rugby players and elegant as ballerinas and it looked almost like mortal Ocean surfing but one spectator had only to see with the tech to slow timespace and order it correctly for human comprehension. Kinda like VR but way more complex. Faster Than light time dialation while players used Okomodo surfboards to traverse the order of all solar radiation in order to encapsulate and harness the current moment of eruption visually eternally and accessibly for the weather of the crown would utilize these “sun diamonds” in similar ways the ancestors used Earth diamonds and gold to transmit their will and power through humanity. Only the Solar Flare Tiara would free humanity from the bonds of old and allow free will to be truly restored. As the games began the overhaul on human food was underway removing any and all subtle programming from “chips” and other popular “processed” foods. Virtual travel and hyperspeed travel and interdimensional travel all have food in common. Quite actually YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Humans can’t process computer chips but they sure can’t eat JUST ONE potato chip!

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