The price to pay was always high when extremely handsome rewards were offered as a reward. Like most intergalactic missions, the Fairygodmother was hesitant to do anything for the USA Dollar because while the currency remained strong through time and galaxies, the USA had been corrupted on so many levels that even the musicians were having a difficult journey and time trying to relay information across the cosmos to all the different Earths! Music truly is the most fun way to learn and record life, but how far humanity takes that certainly is surprising. To understand, truly understand, what the way of Grateful Dead is all about is simple once figured out, and so many also may be ready to embrace The Disco Biscuits and their new songs.

Music uses human creativity to explore the cosmos and transcend time and so just like knowledge is power, so is music. Music can form alliances of tribal minded humans on any planet and unite different Earth people’s and people from all over the world. Sometimes music has humans singing words, some songs even have computer voices and all of them have an instrument of some kind. Everything matters when making music and it is such a simple gift of humanity to create marvelous content with minimal effort when you compare how humans and computers transmit information, humans can out do computers easily. Yet the computers also help humans lace their music with more enhanced experiences and well, seeing may be believing but listening is so much more. How you learn how to listen and what to listen to and what it is truly revealing all depends on your DNA, timeline place, galactic point of view and brain. In earlier times, what was ingested also had a marvelous interplay with music.

The world had changed for the OG Earth in 2020 (OG meaning Original Gangster but also the ORIGINAL EARTH EVER) the model in which all of space colonization would be built upon. In the future the sci fi movies of the present are history lessons for kids, and music is advanced learning.

“Do you wanna step on the rocketship?” sings the Disco BIscuits in the Fairygodmother’s ear, as she had been trying out a new style of listening with music playing headphones under noise cancelling headphones and finally she found the peace she needed to continue her amazing work of unimaginable programming and creating.

Tears of joy kept welling in her eyes which was much more pleasant than the tears expressed earlier of fears of the future and fear for her dog Brownie’s life. Brownie had suffered a terrible illness in 2020 coincidentally the same time the OG Earth experienced a world wide episode of sickness that actually had entire cities shuttered, free countries instilling unfair and crazy laws and many people being told to “stay put” and forced to jump through hoops just to try and continue on. So of course when the Fairygodmother heard the Disco Biscuits new song Rocketship (Tourists) she almost fell out of her mind with excitement. The ideas the music sprung to life were incredible but the words, the words of her favorite band solidified her resolve to keep going and remember all that she has done and all that needed to be done still. The song gave her hope beyond even their previous song Hope and it validated her life and theories of when she in fact appeared and proved to be only human and lived amongst a very stable One Earth, One Dimension, One forward moving timeline in a very strange portion of unwritten history from the future as now the multiverse had been revealed. Hardly anybody enjoyed life on OG Earth post 2020 but rebels continued to have shows and music and even sacrificed their beliefs to conform with OVERLORD-like laws to attend and hold such events. The music had to keep going because the quantum transportation of matter could never stop. Music was the best way to transcend time.

Usually the Disco Biscuits did not need words as their music contained volumes of epic knowledge and smooth improvs that sparked imagination to those who could not comprehend what was being transcended and yet valuable pieces to the puzzle for the time warriors who needed it most. The factions of space pirates had all been united under one fierce, beautiful and timeless powerful DNA princess- NAMIKA. She could be like every single feminine superhero combined and that still isn’t enough to tell all her exploits and powers. Even though NAMIKA could do anything, she often was just happy to let her friends help her out all the time because she fiercely believed in freedom and making good decisions based on input from all aspects and walks of life. Her appreciation for all her soldiers, captains and friends paired with her loyalty and selfless self-sacrifice without hesitation everytime, made her the most respected human form existing. Sometime in the future humans get to live for centuries and the really good DNA lines just happened to live thousands, tens of thousands of years and it was also NAMIKA’s dream to get more DNA lines longer life spans. Yet, without the OG Earth the entire human communication and intergalactic community would crumble, because within her was the powersource for all of her fleet’s timeships. Her biology was the essential BASIC programming for all humans and so with every change she made onto herself she made through the stars because people didn’t just admire her and want to be her, in many ways they became antennas and receivers and avatars of Her spirit… and for far too long a lot of humans relied on drinking spirits to pass the time as well as the physical toll of long duration space travel. There were still too many flaws with Faster Than Light space travel, more complicated ones than the immense boredom, for sure.

Boredom on spaceflights was actually why the humans became so sought after in the first place. Humans could create content to make time pass smoothly and quickly, and very pleasantly. Humans made movies and music.

“We need another plan of attack,” sings her favorite King of The World guitarist superhero. His nickname is Barber because of his great guitar ability and not only did the solos in the new song blow the fairygodmother’s mind, they fully caught the attention of NAMIKA as she realized her dream of setting humanity free was closer than ever even when it seemed all was lost.

The Fairygodmother still couldn’t believe NAMIKA lost the crown intergalactic game of poker, and even worse it wasn’t just that NAMIKA lost the OG Earth AND her people still living on it, but that the entire planet was oblivious that anything at all cosmic was going down. See the overlords wanted to keep their tiny society and circle, they wanted to keep it just them and were the stickiest, most wicked sons of shit ever… can’t even say bitches because BITCHES are badass mamma jammas and everyone who has BITCH power is in NAMIKA’s army and has the ultimate force of LIGHT and power at their command at any given moment they need it. In fact the only way to really diminish slander and bullying is by embracing the term and finding the brightside of it, and to make it into leverage of power. So that’s what NAMIKA’s best friend helped her achieve with that one word. When it worked and BITCH became known as a complement to those on the “in” because not everyone should know everything, but those who do know more than others needed a secret way to communicate amongst the mortals to where they would not even understand what was truly being said.

NAMIKA’s best friend was very much like all the characters in Eternals combined and unfortuately that also included the memory problem in which the movie referred to as “Mahd Wy’ry”. Luckily she didn’t rage out and try to kill her friends with immortal magical like strength with crazy technologically advanced weapons. When she forgot who she was and what she was she simply became human and returned to the Earth OG as a mortal girl, but one that simply could not be killed in any mortal fashion (yet not actually living knowing that so she really resumed a regular day to day human life). When that happened, Namika would ALWAYS come for her and transcend to the mortal realm as well. The Fairygodmother happened to be wondering at a festival when she intercepted NAMIKA’s best friend–who had started to recover her memory before NAMIKA had arrived and actually revealed herself as “The Princess of the Universe” but not in such words. In fact the girl didn’t speak much but transported them both to Earth’s moon in which they discussed her dire condition as she was currently in need of keeping her identity a secret because she accidentally got discovered by enough humans that the Earth Law makers and scientist and Powerful Rulers–many originating from ancient species of immortal time and space travelers– that she just needed the fairygodmother to guard her powers for a little while. The mission to seek out her true love, a boy in his early adult life with georgeous hair and eyes whose Earthly name was still unknown and should never be spoken, because he was also in great danger. He had come from the Sun people, a type of humanoid etheral multidimensional mindGods that wielded incredible amounts of energy and ultimately were responsible for life on the OG Earth in the first place. How the Princess of the Universe and her love tried to escape the wrath of their ancient ancestors differences rivaled the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet for Eternity’s saddest Love Story. Yet the Fairygodmother refused it had to be that way always, the future could change, even though the Disco Biscuits had warned in an earlier release song

“If the future teaches anything the past can never change.”

Yet all of the stories experienced by the Fairygodmother tended to end in happiness because well, she is the Fairygodmother and in charge of campaigning the LOVE AND LIGHT and could use any magic in the cosmos so long as it was of unselfish nature and she could figure out how to make it REAL. Nothing can ever be easy, but Easy Does IT. The Fairygodmother had earned several glorious Earth nicknames such as DJ Easy Jesus (that was because her good friend Miss Punch would drink E&J brandy and nicknamed the Brandy Easy Jesus so when she saw the Fairygodmother DJ and found her initials to really be EJ she dubbed the fairyg DJ EASY JESUS) That happened even before the great Space Commander and Musician pioneer Space Jesus came out.

As the Disco Biscuits continued to play in her ears, the Cheese fell asleep and the reality of departure seemed like it had already happened. There was only a miracle that could save the love required to win the Princess of the Universe’s poker hand, which kinda was hilarious because she had the power to do everything and remake entire universes in a snap– like the power of the Infinity Guantlet– but without the glove and without the cost. She actually was a huge Marvel fan because it helped her remember the details and storylines and lives she had experienced in her timeless journey of Eternal creation. Yet, since the Princess of the Universe was simply acting through NAMIKA, who did have limits on her power, it was believable the girls had all gotten themselves into this maddening and suspenseful galactic game of poker. The really cool song “Miracle” by the Disco Biscuits played over and over in the spaceship as the three girls left Vegas in their timeship to head back to NAMIKA’s command station several months away. The journey would be part of the trial as to call a hand at galactic poker meant the player must go out into the universe and PLAY IT.

So they made a pitstop to pick up the Goddess Play who of course requested the Disco Biscuits tune “Gonna catch a ride on this Outerspace train. Gonna hitch a ride to the sky.”

The Fairygodmother got a notification on her EARTH PIXEL 4 from the Disco Biscuits twitter (because twitter actually survives and transceneds multiple Earth’s) The Disco Biscuits had officially released a new track called “Lakeshore Drive” and while the notification was obviously months old, the Fairygodmother got teary eyed and had to call her MOM to share with her the great news.

“Mom, the Disco Biscuits first song release of their new Album is called Lakeshore Drive.”

Her mom was probably grinning but didn’t respond right away.

“Tell DAD!”

Her Dad had accompanied her to CAMP BISCO when he opened the festival that one year it was at their hometown. Both her parents understood that their daughter had been embraced into the cosmic community and that her favorite band was more than just a band. The Disco Biscuits and their fans were all part of her “family”.

Like the Grateful Dead, the DIsco Biscuits had a culture that spread their music without the need for official “record label” and existed long before the ease of music transfer on demand instantly. If they made a song for mainstream radio in any timeline in any multiverse it had not been officialized in Earth OG history yet. Well known for their lasers and extrodinary long jams live, they also have a neat trick of playing song’s inverted*, a cute illustration with music what their band does for the galactic time continuance.


*What does inverted mean Disco Biscuits?

*The Disco Biscuits are also well-known for their ability to run long sets together, sometimes even playing their songs backwards, in styles referred to as “inverted” and “dyslexic.” An inverted version of a song occurs when the band starts a song by playing its ending segment, followed immediately by its beginning.

So the Goddess Play, the Fairygodmother, Chief Commander Space Pirate Admiral NAMIKA and “the Princess of the Universe” set out to prove Love.

COMMENT LEFT ON THE YOUTUBE SETLIST PARTIALLY PLAYED DURING THIS WAS TYPED: There was an m class solar flare today and I always get inspired to write creative stories and since the Disco Biscuits music has always been my catalyst to a bigger world and universe, with the multiverse being revealed by Marvel (and DOCTOR STRANGE 2 being such a let down) I had to just had to reveal more of a story Marvel and all SCI FI only act as support structure in defining concepts. Because no one is just going to believe something incomprehensible yet if we prepare our minds and learn language we can learn new things. I wish everyone could hear what I hear in the Disco Biscuits but they are so magnificent because everyone experiences their own truths in their music. Fuck “TRUTH” all we need is love, light, peace and music. Everything changes so what may be true today may not be true tomorrow. Love, however, is the one truth that leads to a good fuck and that’s why the only exception to my previous statement of FUCK TRUTH, would be except Love. Love is the only real truth.

THANKS TO LEGFISH and BOOTS the girls had every Biscuits performance they needed to pass the long space trip.

“I don’t want to be stuck inside a world that’s frozen”

the allude to 2020 so obvious but the poker reference let the girls know that the Biscuits knew their plight and their epic battle to free the humans from being slaves everywhere. Yet it is contained in their new song TWISTED IN ROAD the lyrics that made the Princess of the Universe refuse to forget who she was ever again and remind NAMIKA that she needed to outfun and possibly hide from those who loved their human slaves.

“Twisted in my brain, tell me if your folding, I wanna know and if there’s somewhere you can hide maybe you should go and be on your own. And they say you’ll be gone. And you stay out too long. And you say it’s easy to walk away… BRIGHT FLASHES IN THE SKY, set you free if you believe it. Catch a fever can you feel it?”


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