The Leprechaun Ginger removed as temporary King of the Universe

It was practically high treason. The newly appointed king went behind the back’s of the gals stitching up the solarflare tiara. The truth and honesty portion applied to Earth now had to be redone. Now the fired King of Universe, the ginger, would have much time to contemplate his indiscretions and plotting with the former King of the Universe. The two were to set out to the Magic Kingdom galaxy today and the Fairygodmother could not allow the most powerful streams of galactic energy to frivolously frollock about on pointless missions from an Earthly King. No matter how much the leprechaun sorely missed the universal powers from being king, there was simply no tolerance for conspiring behind closed doors especially while the future king and queen were undergoing divorce.

It is a sad day, yet the Earth people will benefit from the crown being held temporarily by a newly appointed soldier of light who has much promise and ability to fight for good. Yet secretly the Ginger was the decoy for the real crown had to remain hidden until the #solarflaretiara was finished. The #earthOG had fallen into a slow #solarflare slump as their sun held the anticipation high and the cosmic surfing competition on hold.

The Ginger and the Fairygodmother go back, way back. Countless flawless missions succeeded under his captaining! This was the perfect decoy move to tempt any theives who wished to STEAL the crown but advertising it’s presence within realms by sheer gossip. Every realm and Earth and immortal loves gossip, so do Tuna Tribesmen. The Tribesmen would be reached by the Mermaid queen and informed of the truth, while the rise of the crown’s NEW LOCATION was “kept secret”.

Transdunensional communication made playing the galactic game of poker so much easier. Every thing like chess and no limit hold em mixed with the wildest video games and Avatar like controls imaginable. Weilding any and all sorts of tech and weapons and creations of plot lines challenged like a never ending duel of “yo mamma”. Realized imagery like dreams and yet also multiplied by physics laws of reality and defined by time space technology, the only true love and light to be found was of the sacred heart and the creators source of love.

So it was legend.


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