Far from expectations the boring in between releases

Ever wondered what it would be like for two neutron stars to have to part ways? WELL, that’s kind of what the Fairy Godmother is going through. IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF WE COULD SAY IT WAS JUST MENTALLY A METAPHOR BUT SOMEHOW PHYSICALLY IN ANOTHER MULTI-DIMENSIONAL TIME SPACE IT’S PROBABLY PHYSICAL.

There was no denying the long journey ahead a black dick spaceflight in a space cruiser that would achieve speeds never before traveled with a real human body that had originally before born on Earth. There have been many upgrades to the physical well-being of Captain America but the weakest link always was the Fairy Godmother for her earthly descendants bear similar traits of weakness and the worry was high especially because they had to bring the dog Brownie.

The first part was securing oxygen for a canine on such a long trip because oxygen being so scarce for Time travelers and space travelers the people who were selling it didn’t even want to sell it to anything less than human which is partly why Noah was all up and arms again. And even with the multi-dimensional advantages there was still a lot of red tape to be had about every mission now under God because the galactic game of poker had to be played quite fairly and on the books

Time travel made the storyline living quite fantastic. More to come


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