Uniting the world’s: Earth OG and the band that saved humanity

The Disco Biscuits

There can be much debate about the chicken or the egg, but the unraveling of the universe had to stop and the obvious choice for stitching it back together was music.

Before I depart on my next leg of space time travel and scouring for other Earth’s and heros that care about humans, I must confess thanks to so many people.

This is after all, the AUTOBIOGRAPHY, of me as a time traveling space pirate “princess” fairygodmother and I have been inspired by real people in The real world and seen things that are just unable to depict in words. Music transcends knowledge. Fast.

The time at the guardian’s retreat was nearing an end. Enough of stellar energy had been collected, the computers almost finished quantimizing the teleportation math and the oxygen purchased. Even new cloaking devices installed as the seriousness of attending actual gravity was intense, as this spaceship hadn’t made such a landing in a while.

The landing strip was a series of roads in 2022 with a few timeship jump tunnels and bridges. I. The correct sequence it was theorized that teleportation to the realm of time period 2022 a.d. Could be achieved. The Fairygodmother might be able to see her flesh and blood family again. Were they alive if they had already died to a timespace where that could’ve happened? Will time fold upon itself and what happens to the squashed energy… So much to translate as the world’s first mega quantumized sub computer with tele kinetic and multidimensional lopping systems for real time communication with other Earth’s. The first of it’s kind. A true experiment.

Einstein would be amazed … If it works.

It’s all just a fairytale… Until it works.

Working. What a s in mole concept to man when describing a machine. It’s either working or not working.H

Man gets to sit and ponder, but the brain is always working. Why mankind and why now?

Thanks given to #aron of #thediscobiscuits today because I’m all emotional. Earth always makes me emotional.

I thought you may be proud. A very cool melody plaguing g me for months. I don’t really know how to play the piano or what I’m doing just by ear and what I feel. Solar flare inspired.
Have you any clue what your music does for my world, my life. How my list soul was so shattered and over and over through every loss and heartbreak and tough times… Boom. The Biscuits we’re there.
Saving my life so much.
And your band has been part ofy fairytale for so long. I’ve written my autobiography as a time traveling fairygodmother and Everytime the Biscuits and the music is the hero. The secret amalgam and glue stitching the ever expanding universe back together.
Sorcery through good intent and music. Boredom is a space pirates biggest enemy and the illusion of a reality and party as humans traverse the cosmos and blissfully unaware the aliens saved them… Because of their music.
And mostly because of the Earth band Disco biscuits.
I’m pretty sure you are earth human …despite all the rumors


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