Multiverse Music #MultiverseMusic and #QueenOfTheMULTIVERSE #SolarflareTiara #GalacticGameOfPoker Sometimes I Don’t Feel like Getting Out Of Bed

She asked for a fairytale life and every adventure as a fairygodmother always surprised her even more. The continuing epic witnessing of cosmic superheros and musicians, royalty and fans, and just all of the MAGNIFICIENT creatures, oddities and unexplanables of all the lands! Still the hardest task of fairygodmothering at hand is the Princess of the One Universe and her forgetful superhuman brain. She was never a human but that was always who she resorted to being whenever she forgot she was Infinitely powerful and All Knowing, which was pretty much always but in many ways she only needed to remember what she needed to remember when she needed it and that was the ticket to happiness and humanity.


One giant joke she probably played on herself long long ago… But alas that is as about as true as #theBigBangTheory #BigBangTheory

Soooo settling as a translating force and fairygodmother to the great grand Princess of Nothing, Goddess Play, Starcaptain Namika of the United States Starfleet, or an Earthly political roll… The energy flowed throughout the lands following good intent and love where it went. For even in an instant the ripple effect was huge. The multiverse was quite complex and no doubt had exhausted the state of divine pattern and was rapidly receding into entropic annihilation. The greatest commanders of the future needed more time to prevent the End Of It All and so much like in a #LegendsOfTomorrow fashion the #FairyGodmother went throughout the multiverse and time and space searching for all the right knights, noblemen, dancers and artists… And of course musicians! Music is ultimately human salvation in almost every way.

Bored at work, turn on some music.

Got crazy emotions and longing or excitement you have to share, make music.

Feeling lonely, find a band.

We unite all time and space when we listen to music. It is true.

So luckily music helps awaken the good forces of magic in the lands and it also… Really helps jog the memory of #Namika #queenOfTheMultiverse to be

#EmBed (get it)

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