Here comes the Thunder, why did the Earth become the standard model for reality?

The Goddess Play, the princess of re-Creation and Captain Namika all stared wildly at the Earth born human, now fairygodmother as she let loose her true feelings on all the crazy heated debates over of gender fluidity from the American tabloids and social media accounts.

“My entire life is a delusion but I don’t expect everyone to believe in Fairygodmother’s! I mean they aren’t real. Magic isn’t real. Aliens never harvested Earthlings. Matrix wasn’t a movie designed to test out and tease humanity.

Have you ever considered that Earth and the planet and even “outside” are all delusions? If getting locked down and curfewed didn’t make you question the America delusion of what our world is really like them congrats.

Everyone lives in a delusion.

We can only progress and move forward if we all can agree on basic communication methods and realities though.

How do we trust the illusion of planet Earth and America? Why do we have to get in a car or call ahead before we can travel? It is so possible the entire time period of 2022 is made up to help everyone on all the Earth planets, in all the hibernation matrix Sims, physical reality mergers because there is no way to know what the truth is without trusting the majority’s dilusion.

I have met “people” with Telekenisis.
I have met “people” who can mind control others with their thoughts.
I have met “people” that can command lesser mammals (like pets) with their gaze and thought

I have met spiritually enlightened monks
I have met Jewish Rabbi
I met Hindi, I met Chinese, Japanese, and transgender teenagers. They all have the same thing in common… They believe in something bigger then themselves. A community that they are part of.
I have hung with the Free Masons

My delusion is: life on Earth was as simple as happily ever after with a man and a woman falling in love, the end.

My greater truth and delusion:
I have traveled to galaxies far far away and told I would never be able to make it back to Earth because all my family was already dead by the time I got there. I understood the physics and how traveling through time and space worked and I did not accept their facts.

I made sure that the Earth would be right where I left it and the people would all still exists and that despite traveling to Proxima Centauri b, the closest exoplanet to my home Earth, at a distance of about 4.2 light years …

Well I just figured out a way to reassemble all of my memories and reconstruct it. The hard part was recreating humanity from their DNA in storage using only their social media accounts of their lives.

Watching Sunday’s Rick and Morty totally blew my mind because what if our entire existence is just a recreation based on what a sophisticated technologically biologically advanced civilization made. Only we never realized the time break?

How many times could this happen?

How many Earth’s could be made with this same technology?

I mean delusion is American Dream

Find me more people that share the wildest delusions that never met and then you may be onto the whiff of reality!

(Thank you Dave for making me push my delusion further and finally getting it off my chest)

Maybe gender crisis is just the sophisticated recreation technology had a programming error and so maybe they screwed up a few brains and bodies or something when 3d physical printing people out into a physical working/exercise/sex plain of existence.

But I seriously don’t see it as a screw up or that people are mentally ill but rather a fun new enticing and exciting outlet for culture growth, art, entertainment and love!”


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