The entire Day wasted thumbing posts about alternate possible realities

Also who wants to take responsibility for bad ideas anybody? Obviously in the true system of power the people in power are never ever going to reveal their identities and all of the puppets that get the blame and we talk about are probably sophisticated Avatar like technology from whatever species came and gave us the television. All of this starts with “monkey see monkey do” and also a biological evolving response to the insane amount of WAVES now in our daily lives … We do not know for sure what drugs pregnant people take, they say even Tylenol use from a pregnant birthing human causes ADHD in infants.
God is a concept that easily explains the importance of setting ones own community agreed upon fairytale.

I am truly sorry if my conspiracy theories somehow manifested into a reality that harms anyone’s mental health. When I write, I try to do so from personal experience and compassion from others I have encountered that have valid points. The greatest thing I find we all share is our ability to change our minds.
Instead of constantly worrying about what powerful people may decide for us, just get in their damn mindset and ask yourself well how would I handle this and what would I do, how would I do it better.
Think it. Think it hard. It doesn’t have to be prayer but really think from the perspective of being the cigar smoking Trillionaires on a yacht. Think about how it would feel to know the blood and sweat of the lives it cost to be successful and all the people who had to spend their hard earned money for.

Imagine planes are simulations. Countries are other galaxies.
Sci Fi is history.
And time travel is real but not physically possible… At least not for all.

Ask why people from the future traveling back in time before technogy ruined the world aslnd what that could do to Earth’s housing market?
Every housing boom signifies another future where the Earth and life as we know it found itself ending and refugees from the Dead ended future come to here and now. It’s all out there. If it is thought of by people everywhere and often at the same time would it be coincidence or transcendence of consciousness?

If every part of our reality is a bit of truth, then it is only our shared truths that manufacture a reality we can exist together in.

Otherwise you may have been put into hibernation in a Matrix where fb posts are your only way of seeing who else is out there and a way for them to scan your inner thoughts that differ from your other inner thoughts. The thing real humans have… Schrodinger’s Cat Mental Flex.

We are both decisions in our brains until it is done.

Would you drink beer if you knew it was your recycled urine? Water, clean water, is the third most coveted resource in all the universes. Humans are water. Humans are also very valuable as metaphorical drinks when aliens ride them like horses visiting Earth. Physical reality of a spaceship earth simulation with your real life experiences on the real Earth… Tickets. Tickets please!?

It’s just better to keep it simple for a simple good life is a life well lived.

Perhaps Humans are pets for higher intelligence. They didn’t go through all this trouble making billions of us for nothing. I simply disagree with the entire notion that ANYONE with an ounce of power or love of money would think we need less humans.
Humans equal money.
Money makes all worlds go round.
Humans move the money.
Humans move physical matter.
Humans cannot be replaced by robots.

The notion some dimwit selfish asshole thinks he will have it better off with less people just ain’t at the top. The top know how to live peacefully IN BETWEEN the crowds.
Expensive things are expensive so only those who got the game figured out can enjoy. If you can make the money then you can live above the masses.

I believe psychology is a weapon.

I don’t think people would say hey, since I have brain damage and can’t be quantum entangled into your human circuit board I am ok with you slowly feeding me drugs to both experiment on me and kill me while taking me and my loved ones money.

I don’t think killing a person with cancer saves oxygen or water, but prolonging their life generates revenue in many vectors. Also people work harder when they are close to being down and out
Psychology is absolutely weaponized against people.
We are not on opposite sides we are just lacking our common ground to stand on together and be able to unite to make enough brain waves sync up to the notion… We could all actually be friends. Different fish all in similar fish bowls. Carefully maintained and monitored and fed to bring joy and entertainment to others.

Oh and everyone… Do you realize they have been questioning the laws of gravity now? Like the very concepts that science has been built on are under scrutiny… The hadron collider opened up the quantum world and now there is no way to prove that you aren’t existing as four states at once or even more… And there is no way to prove you are only you. Heck what is that odd saying all about, “you are what you eat”
We can embrace people who are going through sexual identity certainty conundrums with compassion and care or milk the most out of their entertainment and scientific experimental contributions, we can even step back and realize our judgements and comments are also data collected in a bigger research study…
Or we can all be grateful somewhere beer is actually made from plants and not our recycled urine.

One planet, one love and one story for humanity.


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