Watch “The Disco Biscuits-Story of the World- The Wind At Four To Fly (2006)” on YouTube

Time travel is fun. The Disco Biscuits said in a lyric one time,

If the future teaches anything. The past can never change

It seemed more of a philosophy or tantalizing postulation rather than simple song lyrics. Could it be true and in what context? Literally of time traveler’s came back to the past to change it by teaching that could change the future and then the future that came back to teach the last would cease to exist

In a way generational gaps of civilization present a similar problem. The doors and depth in which a living normal human with a simple earth lifespan could only consume and utilize limited by the slow speeds of transferring knowledge and using it and teaching how to apply the useful knowledge… Once a simple way of transferring knowledge in a real time data base within a lifetime span achieved it could advance the way everything is done exponentially.

Listen to the entire song of the linked clip above. Also Google #theFairygodmotherhouse and follow all my hashtags on every platform including the everv fun loving adventures of #browniedog and if caps matter #BrownieDog and of course #TalesFromA21stCenturyFairygodmother

Then the ever elusive inside knowledge on cool music and bands #MusicLocesEverybody and remember there are more blogs and audio blogs that expand upon the time traveling fairygodmother and her experience with #TheDiscoBiscuits

Go to a show. Watch all the lasers and down load infinite knowledge of the cosmos.

She was a simple girl from the old Earth #Namika yeah right #spacepirate #timeship #timetracel #multidimensional #queen #solarflaretiara

It was fun to drink the hopped brewed ice tea packaged in a can designed to in all sensory perspectives be perceived as an IPA beer but have zero alcohol, zero carbs and zero sugar. It was hoppy and delicious. It was a fairytale for the fairygodmother going over 5 years alcohol free… She figured out omgow to space travel and time travel without having to indice an “alcohol effect” on the mind and body!

Too bad the words are lacking to explain it firther but nobody wants to undergo the painful horrors and threats and realizations of faster than light an dlong hibernation matrix space travel. Nobody wants to drink their urine… But beer and booze and the “bar scene” made many a long spaceship ride pass in no time. Hours were galaxies in a barship!

Yet the Cape Cod galaxy has so many surprising things that mostly “locals” know about but so many more the space traveling aliens and settlers kept to themselves. Figuring it out meant you deserved the knowledge.

The debate about “what is reality” was not a conversation the Fairygodmother expected to have with Mother Earth Queen and Care Taker of Eden, seemed to always be so grounded and serious. That Physics was never to be broken and reality a clear understood fact. However times and technology were constantly changing perspectives and opening the minds of imaginatives and creatives to more realms of “what ifs” and that is the only thing they knew that was certain and that they shared. Love.

The love for the garden, for the animals and for their personal pet companions was unrivaled and equally matched. People who love animals are noteworthy and the true noble of the Earthly realm. Those who grew the garden in all senses were always to be honored. Yet the most crazy part of the conversation turned to the construct and rules of reality. The Queen laughed at herself for having to ask but she asked it sternly as serious as she could muster form the few glasses of tasty beverage she had endured so far. She likes her spaceship and the running on spirits and at her age it was best to travel the safe tried and true way. The physical toll wasn’t much in the morning for the youthful spirit it brought to the Queen’s philosophical side

“What makes reality real?”

“At least two people agree on that is the way it is or was.” Says the Fairygodmother.

And the conversation continued to delve into what could make reality, reality! Then if real was real what made it r and further on that such topic because it started at the simple point that people are shaped by what they learn and who teaches them what. Similar minded people could pick different sides on the same principals because they only know what they know based on what they are lead to believe. Who gets to lead them to believe anything?


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