Blue skies don’t mean Earth


The beach is always the best place to land and take off from. Galaxies in a spaceship is like traveling through cities on Earth. Each galaxy route has standard graphic imagery to simulate driving in a car, while the spaceship and its computers do most of the heavy driving and navidgating.

Up until 2 Earth Galactic years ago, Faster Than Light FTL travel seemed impossible. I however, knew that if a dimensional wormhole could be created to move an object through space, then FTL had to be achievable as well. I don’t know why and I don’t have the proof yet, but I am close. I thought I retired from my hired pirate captain life, and def was done with galactic college and even all the grants in the milky way couldn’t get me back into the science experiment of multiple dimensionality. My specialty was communications. I was once able to transdimensionalize humans from one planet to another using a series of cell phone configurations and an FM transmitter.
Long story short, I was commended, given an award and a chance to do what I needed to do to just survive on the regular old Earth, just 10 years later… well it was supposed to be only 5….but I kept getting tempted in.

The BLUE FIN crusade, well that I still can’t resist, so maybe the galactic pirate blood never grows cold. Ocean mist and open skies, so easy to transdimensionalize the space and time folds when our at the open sea. I did a lot of my best work as a member aboard the vessels of the legendary Tuna Tribesmen. What an honor to see some of them make the TV with their adventures, so lucky to be a part of it and the Earthlings have no clue how much their whole world is going to change now, all because of these new 7-d technical dimensional break throughs.

My relaxing personal time to visit family has me in awe of the weird ways the opportunites present themselves, how my questions are always addressed without me asking aloud, and I always forget my engineer is usually listening to my thoughts… lol. Im a monkey and then the engineer… the Grateful Dead… im just typing because im actually on a real computer keyboard and it is great because I don’t even have to look. I just think of the words and type and sometimes I really challenge myself, like now….

Had to go visit the West galaxy for rations and extra oxygen supply. Cruisin grams spaceship while hanging out and making food for a few days. Can’t take my cruiser too far for too long, so the extra help helped a lot. Brownie is really feeling the effects of the FTL travel. Good time this time, 4.5 hours arrived exactly at 4:20pm like I told Uncle Tech. Brownie is on a chicken and rice diet and it was awesome to get to make him food during our ferry layover with Aunt L. Aunt L always has the best ways to travel and her mom has the pimpest housee docked spaceship with water view and green green grass.

Brownie loves Aunt L’s mom, and it is always fun to ruise the West galxy in the empire style spaceship. I’m hungry. Real food is hard to travel with in space, Atkins bars are the best space food. Sugar doesn’t process well on galactic ferrys, and it is bad for humans in general.

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