Most of the tales of the Fairy Godmother you know are from her later years, when she is old and gray, but do you ever wonder what kinda life she lived before her epic roles in Disney and folklore? Tales from a 21st Faerie Godmother is sorta a journal, def hi fi sci and of course true, almost like an autobiography if you can believe in such magic and wonder in the documented tales. Time travel is real and reality is a tricky term of humanity as they venture into deep space, colonizing planets and integrating their lifestyle galactically.
It still remains curious as to why humans have yet to find another intelligent species in the cosmos, but perhaps that changes as the evidence of time travel spirals out of control in a conspiracy tale that should never be told.
The best part is that it is still happening, and the tales continue as we unfold the mystery of time travel and what happens as she travels to other galaxies, inventing new space age technology, experimenting in faster than light travel and eventually the epic tale of how the Earth was saved, and so were its humans.

As mainstream Hollywood and TV and Netflix strive to keep pace with the faerie godmother’s adventures (documenting in way better detail in much faster time anything found here) the background knowledge of music, they become compass points as the future catches up to the past in forms of “fantasy”. Pop culture is integral in understanding this continuing story of her life as the only Faerie Godmother to serve while keeping record of her conquests as a pirate to the current world ending scenarios.

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  1. Never have a woke up and pondered the end of the world, and all the threatening offenses in play for so many consecutive days in a row as in the year 2021. At first, surviving 2020 mostly unscathed, brownie being I’ll was devastatingly difficult and God bless animalbiome.com for their miracle pills, but 2021 found my basic human self author at 38, living without all of my familiar habitats, friends, family and creature comforts. For everyday I had flushing toilets, paper towels, hot running water and a fenced in area for Brownie I was grateful. Brownie’s ma Cassidy died as well as many humans that were dear to me.
    The pain was so immense I failed to respond or reach out and suspected my galactic mission and stellar coordinates made it impossible to do so in a timely manner.
    These were the weeks of life I felt as though I was a galactic super spy pirate who was in jeopardy of losing the Earth planet, now restored, and never complete the love story necessary to break the “curse” or whatever the plot line becomes…
    Broken hearted on so many fronts and now winter is coming.
    Too much sadness and no way to safely go back to work if there was a way to do it physically anywhere haven’tbthe space time being so out of energy and falling asleep a lot. Taking care of Browniedog is all I can focus on. If getting the mega masterpieces even started would be fantastic.
    I need love and support but my family all abandoned me. E years plus sober and NOW EVERYONE ditches me?

    ( Say what you want, I did up a lot sure, but a lot of people had great times with me when I was hibernating on spaceships drinking recycled urine with them believing it was merely earth alcohol and life was still the same… Lol… Oh no

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