Time travel doesn’t make much sense so many paradox


And getting ready for #thanksgiving is a little sadder this year for the Fairygodmother and her time traveling wookie dog Brownie because the family won’t all be getting together

The Earth of 2021 is still being plagued by the virus left there by the aliens who returned to resupply and gather new ideas from their human Earth crops. Humans are crops and workers for the aliens, who are really relatives of the present day Earth Humans but due to timeline discrepancies and time travel paradox, the true origin of all is still quite the secret.

#aneestherapper sung by #thefairygodmother

Today was a remarkable day as the Fairygodmother got to witness the Princess Namika remember her Royal role and bloodline as Princess of the Universe, and so there was hope that she could get to use her magic to rid the Earth of the nasty virus and hopefully find a cure for cancer. 🦀

#browmiedog #monopolydog

Facebook was turning into Meta which means the chance for Facebook to save the humans has come and gone so now that the universe got figured out again, it is supposed to get replaced with something bizarre. Everything seems so bizarre lately.

Art was to be made and hopefully monies collected. The feast for tomorrow would be one of simplicity and luxury. Turkey in the crockpot was always delicious. Animals in outerspace was such a tricky thing, no wonder food like meat was so expensive.


$20 each free shipping in USA

Happy Holidays from Time ship Earth 2021!!


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