Hangry eruption from the Princess of the Universe

Seeing the new Fantastic 4 really inspired the Fairy Godmother and Perfect princess to pick up the pace. As the Fairygodmother revisited her days in Georgia and the great sad love story of Ruckus and Play, she couldn’t help to figure in the factor the Perfect princess Namika had failed to measure.



Learning how to pioneer planets. Sending Thor and Starlord to scout potential planets.

Cities built like the old Earth cities but existing throughout the galaxies. Creating time portals using music venues. Triple lapping space cruises, and teleportation holes. How to record memories for terraforming or simply retrieve memories from stored DNA.

Can a human be made from scratch and pick up where they left off? Is a human still a human once they undergo any sort of brain modulation or hooking up to the system?


Why does the Google phone seem to send pulses to my hands.

Volcano erupts
big fight over the Foochie and the andatesMay and how freedom shouldn’t have to cost them anything, Earth is the best vacation planet

Family mapping of the unforgettable family that withstands all of time, time and time again. Yes we can make planets just like Earth, but that isn’t fun. So if one is going south another is ready to go… Yet the terraformed planets are they holographic biological or hundred percent authentic? So many questions.

“what did it feel like to be the source for a planet terraprinting?” Asked Namika to her FairyGodmother
“Like being in love and on vacation.”

Long live the beaches!

Viva la south! (I hope the south wins this 2020A.D. civil war because they fight for true freedom and partying. The Last Free State in 3D also represents the entirety of America Fleet and Earth OG in the galactic federation.


#teleporter #entanglement

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