The lack of memory and self doubt

Being a Fairygodmother is almost impossible as so many do not believe in such things as Fairygodmother’s, let alone majority of the things that go along with the job. It is more like community service and unfortunately it doesn’t count as such for student loans on Earth,well not yet anyway.

Taking care of others is the key and foremost in front of all selfish desires, putting others first is a must as a Fairygodmother,which is surprisingly easy once adapted into the routine of daily life. However sometimes there is a charge that makes living normal life a bit challenging. There are rules to being a Fairygodmother, but those aren’t mentioned much and also hard to describe briefly and accurately. The rules are guidelines and also have many exceptions, it is the necessity of being human to be able to distinguish application of the rule of exception that makes being a Fairygodmother have a prerequisite of being a human, or have lived as a human,on Earth for quite a while

Compassion and creativity are a must as well. The personality traits of unselfishness and compassion for a fairygoother rivals that of the strongest of Empaths because feelings are quite powerful on the use of all things that just take too long to scientifically explain, so in the essence of sci Fi and all things Earth remembered and cultured,just call it magic.

Yet besides believing in the impossible daily and having unrelenting faith and confidence that a job can be done well, the very core of existing as a fairy godmother is driven and powered by love. Love is pretty easy to generate but not often easy to receive or is also the most difficult form of energy to maintain in a positive,functional state. Like all matter, Love has different “states” but the most important and useful state of love is “loving” the continuous and constantly growing affection of one person towards another and it being reciprocated. Animals and some cars can help humans generate love power, but nothing is more powerful than human to human love… Well except the Fairygodmother’s love itself, as the skills and knowledge and experience necessary to become a Fairygodmother most certainly elevates that “magic” far beyond anything most mortals will experience even during their most epic romances. The Fairygodmother’s love is quite epic, daily and in constant production.channeling the love energy and saving it up for later use is a constant intricate task, and one now managed by the “Entrapta” like princess of the decade, the lovely Miss Cherry Bling Bling- as the goddess in her elemental nano form liked to be called- but the Fairygodmother simply knew her as Play. The other half of the love story to a “Loki” of a God named Ruckus. The two were currently in separate states and so Play had a seemingly infinite amount of time to work on her project perfecting the crown for the noble warrior and Princess of the Universe: The Solar Flare Tiara.

Like all things in a lab, solar flares were to be handled with care and the Sun, Earth’s Star and center for all life as they knew, was very temperamental it turned out. While attempting to harvest some ionized Iron, a huge filament erupted in the Goddess’s face, good thing her face absorbed most of the solar plasma, as the Earth was very delicate and while it possessed the greatest achievement of the known universe-the famous Magnetosphere,– there was serious doubt in the Magnetosphere’s ability to protect the Earth from the Sun’s acrobats of upcoming #SolarCycle25. Another excellent reason and motivation for hurrying to finish the SolarFlare Tiara. Another fun and fashionable way the Fairygodmother and her princess companions would save life on Earth and the way of life as humans have come to love it at ground level!

While fussing over the sun and trying to master solar flare harvesting a sudden filament eruption caused a huge spark of energy. Of course part of it flew off to travel rapidly to the Earth and for a brief time the Aurora lit up in what the humans gauged as a sudden and unexpected G3 storm with a level of KP7! The Fairygodmother had noticed light turquoise flashes in the far distant horizon towards the north and ran to the ladies in the Solar Lab to find out what was the scoop.

“Seems Play got a little ambitious and excited when reviewing the colors of the flares and their capabilities and just let a little too much energy get involved,” explained Namika to the Fairygodmother.

“Well it was going to happen anyway, if anything my meddling and being there when it did happen helped to dampen what would’ve and could’ve been a technologically defeating blow to the Earth this morning!” Cheered the Goddess Play and quite pysically patting her mortal looking form on the back. “There are perks to being a goddess’s that I would never trade for anything, like being able to get exfoliated by a filament eruption and having the glowiest of skin of all!”

The goddess Play turned to face the Fairygodmother and for a brief second the freckles on Play’s cheeks glowed like the stars and her eyes flashed with miniature northern lights through the Iris colors. She looked like a mad scientists but with incredible beauty and radiating such a warming, loving energy it was truly the most remarkable thing witnessed of all time, such beauty.

“I am pretty energized and amped up to spend the day working on this,” grinned the goddess Play.

Namika looked at the curious would-be mortal form of an essentially endlessly powerful goddess and thought for sure she had the greatest friends in all existence of all time. The Fairygodmother was completely awestruck by the entire scene in the lab and decided to come back later as the dog needed a walk and Earth seemed ripe for exploring.


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