Art for sale Look at this on eBay – thefairygodmotherhouse

The new episode of Loki would bring some comfort but it just reminded of the days and the adventures of the God Ruckus and Goddess Play.

The old notebooks sat in a reusable shopping bag on the Fairy godmothers floor and the amount of time to get them onto the Blockchain was running out. It had been raining over a week and the coffee sat ready to drink after being brewed over an hour ago. The mornings were always her favorite time to remember her love when she sat the coffee sweetened by his gift of Splenda! Sugar corrupted the frequencies of higher dimensions and so it was vital never to eat it, especially on a creation day. Today looked more along the lines of selling old belongings.

Check out the listings by eBay user EMILYJEAN8

My old no

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