Farside sun explosions do reach Earth and here is how we can tell

HYPOTHESIS: At the moment of the far side explosion whatever pattern on the sun’s Earth facing side will be captured in energy and sent to the Earth. Even though the sun is much bigger than the Earth depending on the factors of the wave emitted, will determine the image placement and size on the Earth!

Here is a simple video to explain why I think it is totally possible. Also in many circumstances the surface of the sun’s Earth Facing side fits entirely on the planet! Such as here…. You can kinda see a similar pattern in the representation of water vapor and cloud cover (and lack of cloud cover) in these two photos.

Dr. Tamitha Skov is featured here and she is my favorite space weather woman on planet Earth! Check her out on YouTube and Twitter,she is ahead of her time because pretty soon everyday life will include checking space weather forecasts! Dr. Skov is a true pioneer and I thank her for all her teachings, videos and work!

See the finger curl? Look at the date

While I am still sorting out the exact details of how this phenomena happens and what cascading events need to happen to receive an imprint of the sun’s surface, it quite clearly appears like all energy beams from the sun… They shapes linger, however once the heat and energy interacts with our atmosphere they dissolve and morph. Strong enough energy that seeps through larger areas (such as Coronal holes) make a longer lasting impression on the Earth and can even stay close to the same shape even as Earth turns. Here you can see a “coy fish” pattern that does not want to go away quickly.

Notice the times

The orange colors are water vapor. The pink is strong wind. The white is cloud coverage and the brighter colors represent rain on the radar.

Even though a CME is non Earth facing it can still impact the Earth and the fact that NASA and all the scientists haven’t seemed to notice this is a bit startling. The extreme weather this week all over the globe has been escalated with each far side explosion and in my previous posts (not the fairytale sci Fi ones) but the spaceweather posts I have collected data from weather stations around the globe that not only were in the line of fire of the sun’s imprint but probably close to the center. (I guage this on reading all the wave forms of UV readings from surrounding stations and compare them relatively, using the dates of eruptions as guides.

Here is a silly movie of me trying to explain what I think happens when a far side sun eruption occurs.


Now I am not a heliophysicist but I would imagine that the areas of coronal holes on the sun would continue to push energy through their “imprint” which paved the way past our magnetosphere.

This is still a working theory but it would explain why the Earth’s weather systems, especially in times of extreme conditions like hurricanes and wildfires, resembe the coronal mass Ejections and sun’s surface!

It also could explain how the magnetosphere might act as a transistor and that little extra nudge from the blast followed by the push through of coronal hole emissions turns very small isolated areas of Earth into “sweetspots” where the weather stations that get “zapped” meaning their UV readings PEAK off the charts would be able to measure the ???wavelength??? Or ???amplitude??? (Not sure what it measures) but basically resembles the data collected from our satelites in space as the energy passes them.

Over the course of Earth turning the UV readings are measuring the ??intensity fluctuations??? Or maybe the ???wavelength and period??? As each hour passes and the stream fluctuates.

Even more curious is when these UV PEAKS are reached is the strange behavior of the dew point and temperature readings simultaneously. Also common is the fact these incidences happen at points when their is north wind. The wind can be blowing due East and then ‘ZAP” within minutes or hours the Earth’s surface develops spiraling winds and the sweet spot stations has northern winds, a peaked out UV, a separating dew point and Temperature reading, air pressure fluctuation and who knows what other “space weather” and “cosmic rays” snuck in last our defenses!!!!

This has to be explained on the internet somewhere. It would be amazing if I was right. I don’t really know enough technical science yet but surely there must be a formula

I hope this is a rare occurrence because the damage the Earth weather systems are doing right now is crazy. I really don’t think our society can handle a decade more of these beatings as it stands the world seems to barely implicate space weather in natural disaster. Some people do but science is pretty much all about climate change and global warming is what triggers these things and make them worse, when really it looks like this has been happening long before man made pollution.

See the finger curl again??? Look at the date.

Weird right?

And for good measure here is a little rabbit (resembling the naztec style drawings) I found in the clouds today above North America! (Maybe he will reappear tomorrow!)

While the lines drawn on the Earth’s surface we know as Naztech lines look to be clearlyan made… Perhaps the space weather events formed them. Yet I think they were too left behind as clues on how to interpret the sun and hopefully harness it’s power to make our own Earth ground dirt drawings someday!

The Nazca Lines in southern Peru are a group of pre-Columbian geoglyphs etched into desert sands. Covering an area of nearly 1,000 sq. kilometers, there are about 300 different figures, including animals and plants. Composed of over 10,000 lines, some of which measure 30 meters wide and stretch more than 9 kilometers,…

Perhaps using the math of those figures and their global positioning in relation to the sun’s Earth facing side when they come into alignment has the answers how to truly calculate everything we need to know about how spaceweather and solar explosions like CME and flares hits the planet!!! (Like an occular Rosetta stone mathematic proportion)

And here is a sky shot of one of these holes in the clouds (from ground perspective) that forms each day around noon in the area also seen on the world map that seems to vaporize moisture, snow and rain… letting the Earth weather dance around temporarily.

Ground view of hole in the clouds noonish

Following day around noon this video of the hole in the clouds formed (again) it’s been happening for days but I finally started recording the data. The weekend it happened both days as well even stopping a snow squall. Then the snow would move in and the weather and wind pick up, then a little while later. Hole in the clouds sun came out. This is a very small swath of cloudless sky in the center. Here look at the video.

It’s just bizarre for it to happen so many days in a row, in accordance with space weather events. I think it might have began on the 12th from the CME. Or it could’ve been the filament eruptions… Really not sure.

If my theory is correct about far side explosions imprinting energy and light patterns on the Earth surface then next time this happens I will be better prepared to observe and collect data.

My dad might even build me an infrared reading gun to measure varying UV in the atmosphere. Maybe it will tell us more of the invisible imprint surrounding this “sweetspot” KNYDELAN43 on wunderground.com

And here is the video footage of the same cloud circle but on Sunday 2/20/2022 around noon

Then here is the same cloud circle Saturday 2/19/2022 around noon again!!!

(What are the chances?) It has to be the way the sun is beaming energy onto this particular spot… And it’s intense!

Cloud circle 2/19/2022

Why would clouds and weather go around a spot on Earth?

Also one other thing I noticed is how the shapes of some clouds resemble the lakes or rivers below briefly, well sometimes it’s just the water vapor image but it really does seam like the water just rises up in the shape of the body and float into the atmosphere. This could be another indication that intense heat and energy is hitting the surface of the Earth really fast and or intensely!

And I just went to see if I could find evidence of this and noticed the clouds haven’t really moved all this time all over the whole world. Yeah I freaked out a little bit. That coyfish been there all day!!!

The day the clouds stood still


#sharkcloud #2/2/2022

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