Glorious Sun storm after a snowy night

This was amazing woke up to light fluffy snow and as the sun came out of course it melted. But it was still only 11-21 degrees F. The sun came through around 3:15pm how it’s been doing for a week now. Opened up a big hole over the lake and I caught lots of great footage of the sun rays hitting the snowy lake and sending the snow flying up. Plus a double sun sunset.

The intermittent wind from the North West would carry the blasted snow and while it was beautiful the rays felt intense on my skin. The biting cold was quick to happen and the energy levels today were very steadily more intense towards the afternoon.

The sunny hole in #thelittlearctic

The hole has been a repeating pattern but today it was out front and over the frozen lake.

Watch this next video where the sun beams ping the ground sending snow flying

You can see the sun trying to cut through the clouds and them scattering

At first you may think it’s the wind stirring the snow but it’s clearly the beams of light pushing the snow up letting the wind carry. If you watch in fast motion it’s easier to see.

The big hole of beamed sunshight beating down on the snow covered frozen lake (16 feet to 25 ft deep on this side where you see the snow evaporating)

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